Future Presidents

A bumper sticker I’ve seen:

MALIA 2040
SASHA 2048

Interesting. There will be an entire generation who’ve never known a male President.

Bring on Michelle O.

In general, I think I’m almost as weary of the Clintons as I am of the Bushes.

It is fascinating to think that the next five or six Presidents are already among us.

I don’t think many people realized that this guy was a future president.

As much as I like the idea of a woman president, I hate the thought of dynasties ruling the U.S. I would be extremely reluctant to vote for any of the five listed women, purely on that basis.

Right now, a future President - a person who, someday, will wield an incredible amount of power as a national symbol, be internationally recognized, change the world - is picking his/her nose, staring at the booger, then eating it.

I don’t quite know how that makes me feel. :smiley:

I’m confident that the men’s liberation movement will gather momentum in the decades ahead.

And a presidency that rotates between three families for 64 years.

Wouldn’t it be even more fascinating if they weren’t? I, for one, welcome our new alien President overlords and all that.

For all we know, all Presidents have done that. And not just when they’re kids.

I can see Dubya eating boogers today!


I wouldn’t trust someone as President who hadn’t.

What’s with the worries about multiple family members holding the job? You all do know it isn’t an inherited monarchy, right? We *do *have elections, multiple stages of them in fact. Vote for someone else if you like, but why should we disqualify anyone, someone who might be the best choice for the job, because someone else they’re related to had the job once? It makes no sense.

In just a very few elections from now, every candidate will have to explain and defend all of the pictures they posted on Facebook, Instagram, and the like as teenagers and undergrads.