G-mail users: How do you open attachments?

I just switched over to G-mail, and it has its adjustments. I just got a letter with an attachment I’m dying to read, but clicking on the little paper-clip thingie does nothing, and I can’t find an “attachments” link anywhere. Where do they hide it? Thanks.

Clicking on the paperclip in the folder view, or on the top of the message in the sible-message view will do nothing AFAIK, but on the bottom of the single-message view there should be a symbol for the attachment, with its file name, file size, and links to view or download it.

The paperclip is just a picture to tell you there are attachments, like tschild said the real attachments are at the bottom.

You can double clic (and be asked whether to save or open), or right-click on them. By default, Gmail doesn’t open pictures which are part of the actual mail, but it gives thumbnails of attached pics.