G-Rated Ejaculations

Now that I’ve got your attention, you perv … :stuck_out_tongue: [ul]
[li]“Good Lord” – Used for mild surprise – “Really? They moved that back a week in the schedule? Good lord, they never give us more time”[/li][li]“Phooey” – Indicates moderate distress or annoyance – “Phooey, I broke a nail opening that box”; “Phooey, I forgot to call the eye doctor” (which reminds me…)[/li][li]“Geez Louise” – extreme surprise (upon exiting the building where I work and seeing a car on fire 50 feet way, I exclaimed “Geez Louise, look at that!”) or moderate anger (“Geez Louise, I’m really tired of correcting that mistake that you’ve made a half-dozen times before”)[/li][li]“Geez freakin’ Louise!” – extreme wrath. “Geez freakin’ Louise, Arthur, you’ve been working her how long and you don’t know where we keep the extra scotch tape?” (You’d have to know Arthur to know why I snapped)[/li][/ul]

What are yours? Ejaculate away, my friends…

Bugger (doesn’t mean anything to Americans :smiley: )

“Bad Word” (really. I think that was a quote from Dave Barry and I’ve made it my own; it’s one of the things I yelled when my daughter was born via c-section and the anesthesia didn’t quite work).

“Crap”. OK, maybe that’s more PG.

“Gosh”. My son was encouraged to say this by his babysitter, as an alternative to “God Dammit” :o

“Oedipus Rex!” said by Papa Zappa when I related seeing a car coming in my direction, on the wrong side of a 4-lane divided road (the car turned before it got to me). I guess that one is teetering between PG and PG13.

“Holy Moley!”.

dang, darn, goshdarn, goldarn, etc.

A work buddy made me laugh until I cried saying “goddang” one day while working on something. I figure he didn’t understand the substitution concept.

I always loved the one from the movie Evolution: “Great googa-mooga!”

My grandmother, in situations of frustration would always exclaim, “God bless America!” She would always snap, “God bless it!” if she pinched her finger or something like that, clearly meaning the opposite.

In the tradition of the great Snidely Whiplash… “curses!” Often accompanied by “foiled again!”

Shoot, I had something to add to this freakin’ thread.

I knew a genteel southern lady who would say “Shoot fire to save matches.” Cracked me up.

Kumbaya! Thank you, Eek the Cat. My favorite expression of mild surprise.

Holy cats! For stronger surprise. I don’t know why I say it, but it’s usually what pops out. Slightly cooler than holy cow, I guess.

Crimeny! Good for anything from weariness to strong annoyance.

Sweet Jesus and Baby Jesus! I don’t mean Sweet Jesus! and Baby Jesus!. It’s Sweet Jesus and Baby Jesus! Mildy blasphemous, I suppose, but a hi-larious expression of (mock) surprise.

Sweet merciful crap! Also mildly blasphemous, but towards what? A good stand-in when you’re truly disgusted but you can’t let loose with the blue streak.

Oh, for Pete’s sake! Mild irritation. I likes it, 'cause it doesn’t make any sense. Who’s Pete? St. Peter, I assume? What are we doing, or being enjoined to do, for Pete’s sake? Unknown.

I would say these are probably more PG than G, but who knows? Say them in front of your Indigo Child and see what happens!

“Jeez-O-Pete!” - This little gem infected by brain while I was stationed in Dayton Ohio

“Sonofa!” - All one word, no need to tack “bitch” on the end.

“Mother pus bucket!” - The kids will repeat this one at school, and they will get their mouths washed out. Then you can have the ACLU sue on their behalf.

“Eff that!” - definitely off-color, but easy enough to explain away with “forget”

“Monkey boogers!” - the same inflection as Marcellus Wallace’s choice epithet from Pulp Fiction.

“Fewmets!” - spoor or other animal leftovers taken as proof that one is tracking the right beast. A new way to say “poop”.

“Gor blimey”
“Bloody Norra”
“Flippin’ 'eck”
“Dratt it”
“Gordon Bennit”

Great Googly Moogly.
For Crying Out Loud.
darn it.
Dang it.
Fuck. oops.

Great Caesar’s Ghost! (Did Perry White invent this, or was it an oldie that he happened to use?)

I am officially a deviant.

I thought this thread was about someone getting off to a Disney flick.

need an embarassed smiley here.

How about “my land!” or “landsakes!”

I knew a 4 y/o who preferred “oh, bother” from Pooh.

I use booger, booger nuggets, and boogerhead frequently. I don’t really know why.
oh fer cryin’ in the sink
son of a monkey spank
horse puckey
h e double-hockey sticks

I would like to add happy-crappy to my vocabulary, now that I think of it.

I consider it a challenge to swear creatively, rather than like a truck driver. I think it surprised the heck out of my husband when I broke my tooth eating and swore a blue streak.

Golly! - Usually exclaimed after crushing my finger or running my head into a half-closed garage door (not that I’ve ever done that).

Dang! - bemused wonderment, "I don’t know how they thought they could get away with that but, Dang!.

And, thanks to this thread, you can all sing along with the elves in my head:

Interjections (Hey!) show excitement (Yow!) or emotion (Ouch!).
They’re generally set apart from a sentence by an exclamation point,
Or by a comma when the feeling’s not as strong.

In addition to the above I would like to add the following. The thing is, I do NOT think they would be G-Rated in the USA. They would be, however, in New Zealand where I came from.

Pretty much any ‘blasphemous’ term

SOME of us know what it means ! :eek:

I come from the **Charlie Brown / Peanuts ** school of exclamations:

Good Grief! and Rats!

golly! or golly-gee
gosh-darn or dang
Oh my crap!

I’m slowly getting back into real swears, but in highschool I worked at an old-folks home where the old folks had ears like deers and I had to get a little creative. I’ve been known to slam my finger in a window then hop around going “golly, golly, golly!”