Gaah! Will you people PLEASE SHUT UP!

Oh my bleeding earsies. I telecommute full time from home. A contractor for our city is doing something to water and sewer lines all the way around our culdesac. To the south of me, there are jackhammers, and dump trucks beep!-beep!-beep!-backing up. To the north, someone is going around with some specialized noise-making horror about the size and shape of an upright vacuum, walking slower than an unwilling bride’s processional, laying down a thin strip of patching blacktop, that sounds exactly like a very dull chainsaw. Because our house is in the middle of the culdesac circle, the way it’s designed, all the offenders are within about 500’ of my office.

They start at 7:30 AM every morning and end sometime between 4 and 5 PM. With no breaks! None! Couldn’t they even be gummint workers what takes half an hour for coffee every coupla hours?

I am sitting here with noise-canceling earphones over my earplugs, all the windows tightly shut despite the gorgeous 70 F weather outside, popping aspirins, trying to get some work done.

Anyone who comes to play a tiny violin for me will need to bring amplification.


I feel your pain, except for us it only lasted a few days. Some sort of generator/insulation-blower truck was running all day, with a break for lunch that only made us remember the peace that went away again in an hour.

And it was at the home of someone who consistently calls the town when he thinks our institution is being too loud :rolleyes:

At one of my previous jobs, a construction site started up just fifteen feet from my office window. In an area with lots of subsurface rocks. And my office was halfway underground (putting my window at ground level).

They rolled in this huge jackhammer-looking thing, and for three days, pounded the crap out of the area. My entire room shook with every hit. Just for fun, I put a half-full glass of water on my desk just so I could pretend there was a t-rex sneakin’ up on me.

5:04 PM: jackhammer still going strong. Noisy-Hooverlike-machine-guy is AWOL though.

Ha! I love it!

At least your building didn’t vibrate every day for three months while they rebuilt the road on the other side of the block…

I feel your pain!

They’ve been tuckpointing and apparently re-bricking the building next door (a 10-story; mine’s a 6) since April.

This consists of concrete saws and some sort of hand-held jackhammer screeching and hammering away, starting at 7:30am. I work 2nd shifts. I don’t get up until 9am.

My cats are terrified, and I am angry. I can’t do anything about it though, so I’m trying to deal.

Well, actually… this work they’re doing is an outgrowth of what they spent about 6 months doing last fall and this spring on the state road our culdesac connects to. That was less continuously noisy (or at least more intermittently ignorable) than what they’re doing now, though.

5:30: still with the jackhammer

ETA: Dang, SeaDragonTattoo, that sounds worse. Want some slightly used earplugs? I have several, and they double as very tasty cat snacks, according to ours.

Just be glad you don’t work nights . . . and have to sleep during the day, while they’re working. I had to put up with that for 4 years, when I lived in NYC, and they were putting up a huge apartment complex across the street. It wasn’t unusual for me to get no sleep whatsoever.

6:30: We are now at 11 uninterrupted hours of jackhammerage.

6:35: Husband reports that jackhammer is going home for the day! Woohoo!

The loudest sound we had at work today was the wild turkeys landing outside my window and nibbling the grass. At home, it’s the river, with a few birds tweeting a counterpoint.

That’s crazy. I wonder if they’re getting paid all that overtime out of the Stimulation Package. The people next to my building (12 feet away) at least break for lunch, and once in a while they must do a whole day of bricklaying or something, and the hammery-thingy and the concrete saw are silent. They have been working Saturdays, too, though. I’m getting really tired of it and waffle between resignation and feeling stabby about it.

But at least I leave for work for part of the time - if only they would start later. I don’t know what I would do if I was stuck with it all day, day in and day out!