Be QUIET, Co-worker!

I have the misfortune of having an office that is near the stairs, the kitchen, the bathroom, and the loudest idiot I think I’ve ever met.

The honest truth is she is a nice woman - I like her as a person.

But for christ’s sake, I can’t work around her. She has an office 3 doors down and when she talks to coworkers I sometimes wince at how loud she is. Honest to goodness in another lifetime she could have been a town crier. She talks to John Q Public all the time in this tone and volume, as well as co-workers. It is legitimately impossible for me to block her out. I have given up on focusing when I hear her speak - I refuse to.

But that’s not all - she has to pass my office to get to the community printer. She does this as fast as she can, and she wears cloggish-heels that CLOMP CLOMP CLOMP right into my god damned brain. And she doesn’t have the sense to make 3 or 4 trips - I’ve gotten so aggravated that I have tallied up days she walks by upwards of 50 times.

As a person - I like her a lot, really sweet - as a professional? Kill it with fire.

Anyone else have issues like this in the office setting? I’ve taken to leaving my door closed most days, but then people think you are being unsociable, and all the same people knock and enter for the most trivial things.

My across-the-hall coworker is very nice when she shuts the hell up. But she tends to get into very long, drawn-out conversations, and her voice keeps getting louder and shriller. And her Chinese accent doesn’t make it any more pleasant.

I, too, hate closing my office door but often I have to.

Please see my previous thread about the cow-orker from hell - “The Muncher”. I feel your pain.


The guy in the cube next to me has a loud nasal voice that I can hear half a building away. His cube used to be located over by the hallway but when the cube next to me opened up he requested it because it was too noisy by the hallway and he wanted to be in “the quiet corner.” Apparently the irony of him moving to the quiet corner, thus destroying any semblance of quiet, was completely lost on him.

My last job before retirement had a woman who talked constantly – to herself if no one was around.

In a previous job there was a guy at an adjacent cubicle who sang, hummed, and made what I can only describe as animal noises. He was completely unaware he was doing it and was embarrassed when it was pointed out to him. He took no offense if someone would holler, “Steve, cut it out!”

My cubicle is right by the break room. The break room has a TV. At about 12:30 PM, the soap operas start, and the people in there get loud. So someone turns up the TV. So the people get louder to talk over it. We can hear them through the door. People on the phone with us can hear them when it’s particularly bad. I feel your pain.

I nicknamed my new next-door cubicle neighbor Loud Howard. He sounds *exactly *like him. We have one-sided headsets, and I have to plug my open ear when he’s on the phone at the same time as me. And since it’s a call center, this is *many *times a day. I’ve been getting headaches by the end of every single shift.

I just don’t understand it–your voice sounds louder inside your own head than it does to outside observers. How can he not deafen himself every time he opens his mouth?

I know it’s funny SDMB tradition, but am I the only person who physically cringes every time they see ‘cow-orker’ in a post? It is my least favorite internet spelling…(though closely followed by people who write ‘G-d’.)

At my last job, I worked in the cubicle next to a woman whose swearing was out of control. Whenever she was on the phone, I knew that there was a 90% chance that she would end the conversation by slamming down the phone and screaming, “Well FUCK YOU, you FUCKING FUCK!” I’m talking about that kind of thing happening ten or more times a day. I’m hardly an angel when it comes to profanity, even in the workplace, but she seemed so full of rage that it made me wonder if she had genuine mental problems.

That is a religious thing.
Who do I want to annoy, you or G-…You Know Who?

I thought that was a Jewish thing. Or has it been coopted by people of the web?

In response to the OP, everyone has irritating coworkers. My solution is to channel my hate into drinking.

Good plan, I may take that up. :slight_smile:

I see it was your previous job, or I’d ask you if you’d requested that she not do this.

When our kids were little, my husband and I learned to be very careful what vulgar words we used, so I got into the habit of saying things like “Aw, nuts!” and “Oh, fudge.” We are not religious, so saying things like “Jesus Christ!” were OK. Then one job I worked, the woman in the next cubicle said one day, “Oh, you took the Lord’s name in vain!” Figured she was joking. The next time, she said very politely and sincerely, “It really bothers me when you take the Lord’s name in vain, and I wish you wouldn’t do it.” So I stopped. They guys in my team thought I was hysterical, saying “Oh, Fudge,” and “Jiminy Cricket,” etc. Then one day I was REALLY upset about something and exclaimed “Oh, Fuck.” My teammates circled the date on the calendar in red.

At a place I used to work was a very strange guy who HATED noise and hated hearing others in any way (he always acted deep in thought, and any noise disturbed that).

Know what? That prick was the loudest person in the office: he’d get frustrated and loudly ruffle papers and curse under his breath like a spoiled child, he would talk loudly with the only two coworkers who could remotely stand him, he’d loudly butt into other conversations taking place in the office.

And yet, if two other people started a conversation in his area, then he’d get all pissy like a child and act passive aggressive by mocking under his breath what was being said.

I cringe at the thought of that guy. He could single handedly bring down any positive vibe in a room.

Your co-worker may have had Tourette’s syndrome. I used to work with a woman who would clear her throat every few minutes, and she sounded like she was about to hack up a body part. Another colleague had a son who was diagnosed with this, and she believed that this woman had it.

The throat-clearer was seeing an allergist, which was probably not the specialist who could adequately treat this.

I work with a Loud Howard. And worse, he loves the sound of his own voice. He just goes on and on, everything becomes a story full of all the little details of how he found this, and that reminded of this, and that led him to that, and isnt that funny, etc. He will stand in the middle of the cube farm talking to someone 3 feet from him loud enough to be heard across the room. It’s even worse during our ‘scrum’ meetings (which can take half an hour with 5 people there), cuz they’re in a little tiny meeting room.

…whew! For a minute there I thought you were talking about me :0) But, my name is not “Steve,” and I can take a great deal of offense when the “co-wanker” in the next cubicle spends hours coaching his “friends and family” in how to answer key questions posed to them on the company/group interview; and then “hurrumps” me when he can hear music bleeding out of my headphones.

I will admit that after talking to my manager, in my cube, about his activities, that he at least takes those calls somewhere else now.

Otherwise …the noise level is outrageous here due to a general lack of space, compelling everyone to attend their meetings via phone from their desk …thus the headphones on “bleed”

Voldemort? :wink:

No, you are not, by any means.

I hate it when people have loud, loooong conversations on speakerphone. Jesus, we have real offices where I work, not even cubicles, and you can still hear them up and down the hallway. If they were interesting conversations, like with their sex therapist or something, that might be okay, but they’re the kind of boring shit people talk about at meetings, electrical issues, IT stuff, furniture moving…and it can go on for 20-30 minutes. There’s something about being on speakerphone that makes people SHOUT. Speakerphone is the invention of Satan.