Gabbard 2020: Will she be lynched?

Gabbard is probably the most vocal anti war Democrat. That isn’t saying much, but I don’t demand purity.

The thing is, Democrats are not antiwar. They don’t seem to care about war either way, though it pressed they will list only positive aspects of it. They do care about provoking Russia, though. That is their thing. They care about regime change in Syria because of this. Perhaps that is just the hacks, and not the rank and file. The rank and file probably have that wonderful American antiwar inclination. The apparatchiks, however, are Wilsonian democratic man’s burden with a side of war profiteer.

The media apparatchiks with their Operation Mockingbird overtones will attempt to lynch Gabbard even if she is the most gender-correct, multi-cultural, macho military, socially liberal, economic progressive in the race.

If Gabbard runs, will this force Democrats to take coherent foreign policy stands, or will the media provide loopholes for them to avoid these tough questions?

Are you pro-Assad too?

What are you talking about?

That’s hilarious.

I’m pretty strongly sympathetic to anti-war politics, and I like Tulsi, but she’s been very one-note in Congress. I don’t know that that translates to a higher office.

I’m more interested in her candidacy’s effect on the other candidates. Nobody that is running as a Democrat wants to talk about foreign policy unless they are Russia-bating. She may force that issue to be addressed.

Not giving me much to go on here, bud.

No. Anti-government moderate here.

She’s active military and has seen some shit, I tend to respect her opinion regarding whether or not Congress should be sending her and her team into combat.

Okay, I’m not RickJay but I’ll respond.

Will, you act like you’re the representative of a vast movement; that millions of other Americans hold the same views that you have and the government needs to listen to you.

This is not true. As far as I can tell, there hasn’t been even a single individual who agrees with you on a regular basis. You’re not a movement; you’re a lone voice who only speaks for yourself. Your individual opposition to the American political system is statistically meaningless.

So the fact that you don’t like Tulsi Gabbard doesn’t matter very much. It means you won’t vote for her. But you’re just one vote. If Gabbard wins or loses, it will have nothing to do with whether you support her.


That is one hell of a bizarre rant.

And I do like Gabbard.

Then let me make it more clear, Will.

No, Tulsi Gabbard will not be lynched on the issue of whether or not she is a “Wilsonian democratic man’s burden with a side of war profiteer”. She won’t even have to address the issue.

Because you are literally the only person in the world who is concerned about this.

That’s unfair. I imagine there are probably hundreds if not thousands of other Americans who would agree with OP’s anti-war politics, and dozens who are opposed to such a stance and horrified at the idea of the USA getting out of the death merchant business.

She will be lynched for being antiwar. She hopefully will force the other Democrats to develop their foreign policy stances. The 2016 foreign policy discussion for the Democrats was nearly nonexistent in order to protect Clinton.

I am open to supporting Gabbard, should she run. I’ll see what all the candidates say on the issues, and I’ll look at their record, and I’ll choose the one I think has the best combination of matching my stances on the issues and strong likelihood of beating Trump.

…asking whether or not a politician in the United States in the era of Trump is going to get lynchedgets my vote for the “most tortured political analogy on the Straight Dope” Award for 2018. I struggle to get past the thread title, let alone comprehend what you are trying to say in the OP.

Can someone help explain what this thread is all about? Operation Mockingbird? Media apparatchiks? The OP thinks CIA Communist operatives from the press are going to literally hang a Samoan-Hindu politician without trial?

I’m going to say no to discussion whether political figures will be assassinated in this poisoned well manner.