Gabbard 2020: Will she be [targeted polemically by the media for her antiwar positions]?

Gabbard is probably the most vocal anti war Democrat. That isn’t saying much, but I don’t demand purity.

The thing is, Democrats are not antiwar. They don’t seem to care about war either way, though it pressed they will list only positive aspects of it. They do care about provoking Russia, though. That is their thing. They care about regime change in Syria because of this. Perhaps that is just the hacks, and not the rank and file. The rank and file probably have that wonderful American antiwar inclination. The apparatchiks, however, are Wilsonian democratic man’s burden with a side of war profiteer.

The media apparatchiks with their Operation Mockingbird overtones will attempt to [target] Gabbard [polemically] even if she is the most gender-correct, multi-cultural, macho military, socially liberal, economic progressive in the race.

If Gabbard runs, will this force Democrats to take coherent foreign policy stands, or will the media provide loopholes for them to avoid these tough questions?

I think you’re way overblowing the very minor chances of a gadfly member of Congress.
She’s not even going to pass the purity tests of many on the left of the Democratic Party due to her LGBT views.

Obviously things can change before 2020, but I highly doubt Syria is going to be much of an issue.

If Gabbard runs, she’ll be relegated to the kiddy table debates and probably won’t even make it to the Iowa caucuses.

I am open to supporting Gabbard, should she run. I’ll see what all the candidates say on the issues, and I’ll look at their record, and I’ll choose the one I think has the best combination of matching my stances on the issues and strong likelihood of beating Trump.

And (for all the good it will do since I’ve done it so many times) I’ll remind the OP that, by his posts, he has a poor understanding of how Democrats and progressives think.

I have already seen the “progressive” reaction to Gabbard’s antiwar views. Every reason to believe this will amplify if she runs, similar to the “conservative” treatment of Ron Paul.

Well, they’re both( or were) pretty minor members of the House of Representatives. Gabbard doesn’t even have the Republicans for Weed nor the goldbug and conspiracy loon following that gravitated to Ron Paul.

This is just silly. It was silly before and it’s silly in a new thread.

Yes, there’s talk of her. But there’s talk of The Rock and Oprah running, too. She’s in no way a serious contender for even a VP slot. She’s good for getting a certain type of D voter energized - I’m at a breakfast with her on Friday here in South Carolina - but as a real power player? She’s not it.

Oh! Tulsi Gabbard! I remember her!! She caused quite a splash when she endorsed BernieSanders in 2016!! Quite a splash I tell you!!! I know because she went on Rachel Maddow’s show and Rachel was IMPRESSED!!! Not only had Gabbard given up some position of honor within the party that required neutrality in order to endorse Sanders, so you KNEW she really meant it, but Maddow was CONVINCED that this was only the start and that Democrats who had been in the military were all going to follow Gabbard’s lead and start supporting Sanders!!! It was an absolute GAME CHANGER and Gabbard was just the tip of the iceberg and…

…and I don’t believe I’ve seen a reference to that name since. She’s really running for president?

Hell, man, it’s 2018. I think my cat is running on the ‘Give me Tuna you useless ape-man’ ticket. She’s got as much chance.

Well, your cat might have my vote! Hey, she tells it like it is, none of this PC crap.

She was profiled in the New Yorker a while back. Although she identifies as “Hindu”, she is actually a member of some weird cult whose members eat the guru’s toenails to gain enlightenment. I don’t think this campaign is gonna get too far off the ground. And no, sorry, I don’t have any more precise cite for that, but the toenail eating is the sort of detail that sticks in one’s mind.

Which Rock? Dwayne or Kid?

Although there’s still two years for Chris to throw his hat into the ring.