if you haven’t heard him, he’s great!! he’s a japanese/french singer/musician/actor/author(?)…anyway, if you get a chance download or get “i do things for you”…it’s in japanese but it’s a fantastic song!!

I am frightened. Gackt is scary. He’s such a media whore.

He is Japanese but looks white. ¬__¬

Mizerable is my favorite song of him. “Kimi no tameni dekiru koto” which you suggested is okay. :stuck_out_tongue:

If we were allowed picture signatures here, I would have this one. It’s from when he did the Sexy^2 commercial.

(It’s got a nude guy, and although you can’t see anything, it might not be safe for work.)

Get “December Love Song” instead which is his tribute to 9/11. A beautiful one. Anyone who wants the music video just PM me.

hahaha…a media whore? I really wouldn’t know about that. He seems kinda quite. But that’s a nice picture :wink: I can email you the my favorite if you’d like

I don’t personally like Gackt, but I have to say I appreciate him for providing what is possibly the goofiest name of any performing artist. Ever.