Help me ID this song based on a vague description

I heard a song on the local Jack FM (which means it can’t be that obscure), which was, I think, not in English, but who knows maybe I just couldn’t hear it. It sounded kind of like the Ramones, kind of like the Beach Boys, and had a very trademark Beach Boys-style vocal fill that could have been sampled, a whee–ee-ew that sounded like early Beach Boys.

I am pretty sure it was not Shonen Knife; wasn’t quite that raw and I think it was a guy on vocals (but it’s hard to be sure). I went through a lot of that band on iTunes and didn’t find it. It may not even be Japanese, I don’t know – it’s hard to explain, but the way the vocals were done I just have no idea what they were saying or what language it was in. I did think it was a cool song and want to find out who did it.

Annoyingly, the "recently played’ list on the radio station website skipped right over it.

Wild-ass guess: “Ca Plane Pour Moi” by Plastic Bertrand.

Damn you guys are good.

And in just over 30 minutes, too. :slight_smile:

Who ARE you?

Didn’t this song appear in National Lampoon’s European Vacation or was it Eurotrip?.