GAH! Choking here folks! CHOKING! Khak, khak...

It’s that time of year again. The days get longer. They sky gets clearer. The temperature gets warmer. The bunnies start shedding like sheepdogs.

I have just finished brushing the bunnies. I now have enough fluff to make a whole other complete bunny. And they’re only half done.

Neither of them are speaking to me. They’re just sitting in the bunny condo with their backs to me.

And I have to do it again tomorrow. I think I’m going to have to get rid of my dining room, and install a fume hood instead.


Think of the possibilities with all that fluff. You could:

Stuff a pillowcase with it and make a seat cushion.

Twist it into yarn and make a bunny sweater. For you, not the bunnies.

Use it to start campfires. Makes great tinder.

Glue it to Circus Peanuts and make cat toys.

Turn your ordinary Krishnas into Hairy Krishnas.

Sneak into the homes of obsessive-compulsive Neat Freaks who have white fabric couches. Hilarity ensues when they walk into the living room the next morning.

Bake it into a deep-dish crust, then ask unsuspecting horny guys if they’d like a piece of your hair pie.

Take a mesh substrate and make hare pieces. Give them away at no charge so bald men wouldn’t have to-pay.

You could use it for environmentally friendly packing material (instead of styrofoam peanuts).

Use it for snow in the diorama you’d make to memorialize the blizzard of '03.


Dammit, thanks to you, the very last of my Diet Coke is all over my monitor.

My cat does the same. I just threaten to knit another cat.

Insulate your house! Filter your coffee!

I have recently learned to place my longhaired cat into the (empty) bathtub for brushing. It catches most of it and is easy to clean up afterwards. Perhaps we could have a joint venture, I have no shortage of cat hair.

Originally posted by Skelji:

Oh, ewww! Thanks so much for that…ewwww.


Could you blow it in the airspaces of your house to serve as insulation? Your bunnies could pay for themselves in energy savings.

Make bunny felt! Take some warm water, a bit of liquid soap and a hank of fur. Squish and rub in your hands, in a circular motion, as though you’re trying to warm them. Pretty soon, voila! Either felt or a handful of wet, soapy fur-glop. I make little buttons of kitty fur and will soon have enough for, well, actually I don’t know. But it’ll make people wonder when they clean out my house some day when I’m gone.

Seriously though, it’s fun for the whole family.

I’m considering getting it made into a sweater. It’s very soft and fluffy, and comes in two fabulous shades - white and not-so-white.

I wonder if there’s some sort of attachement I could get for my vaccum cleaner that would make the process faster. I can only pin the little hosers down for so long.


I’m in Calgary. Potentially the only place in North America that reaping positive effects from El-Nino.

I have said for years that I could knit my own kittens out of the fur that flies around here. With three cats - one dark longhaired cat, one dark tabby cat, and, because I have black clothing that was feeling left out of the lint removal process, one white cat - there is hair everywhere. I sweep regularly, and I am absolutely certain there’s another couple of cats hiding around here somewhere. My three don’t HAVE that much fur to lose all at once!