GAH! I want a 7!!!! (Word-bar graph help please)

I am trying to make a bar graph for a lab report. I need the Y-axis to have the numbers 2,4,6,7,8,10,12.

I can figure out how to set the minimum and the maximum but I can’t figure out how to get those specific numbers. I can set it for just the even numbers but that doesn’t help with the stupid 7. So, how can I get a 7 in there?

Why do you specifically need a 7 there? It seems like an odd approach to graph design.

Anyhoo, if you really want it, I’d do it the lazy way–take a screenshot of the graph and add the “7” using MSPaint or the equivalent.

I need the 7 because it was a pH experiment. Anyway, 7 was one of the standards we used.

I could do it without the 7 because all our stuff came in at 6 but I’m a bit anal retentive and I want my graph to reflect each of the standards we used, even though none of our stuff was neutral.

Thanks for the suggestion. I’ll give it a try.

can you put a tick mark for each number and only label the even numbers? each number value is there just not labeled.

AHA!! THAT WORKS! Thank you johnpost, I can accept a tick mark instead of a number. I put the major tick marks at the even numbers and the minor tick mark at each number but putting it inside the chart hid the even number marks on the chart lines. So, it looks like I only have odd number marks.

Maybe your problem is solved; here is another very clever solution to that sort of thing: