Gail Dever's jewelry?

I was watching the track and field quarterfinals tonight and, as usual, I was entranced by Gail Dever’s fingernails (and I think they’re real. :eek: ) But something else caught my eye. Hanging out of one leg of her briefs was a gold chain. It looked like the chain on a pocketwatch. Now, I’m sure she’s not carrying her pocketwatch with her. But what is that chain? I can’t even figure out what it could be attached to? The commentators kept talking about her leg wrap. I’m sure they noticed the chain too, but the FCC kept them from speculating on it!

So, fellow Dopers, what is that chain?

I saw the jewelry and figured she was wearing a belly chain. Since she was in the blocks, it would hang down quite a bit, but it did appear unusual for the typical belly chains I’ve seen. By searching, I realized there’s quite a few more styles than I realized, and some that can hang down pretty far allowing for a charm to be attached. It appeared she had a charm attached to hers, though I could be mistaken.

No, i don’t think it’s a belly chain. Look here.

It’s not attached to her belly button, and nor does it straddle her hips in the way that belly chains do. My wife and i were watching her run earlier, and were speculating about what the chain might be attached to. There are some obvious possibilities, but i’m still not sure of the mechanics of where the chain might start and finish.