Chainmail Hauberks, for the proud mother-to-be

I just happened to be checking Google’s “Froogle” feature for chainmail, when I found this…

Chainmail garb, naturally. But check the category it’s under.


This is, of course, probably the result of either a bug in Google’s system, or some programmer’s joking around…But still, I thought I’d share.

Yes, but how does it stand up to dildo attacks?

If I were a pregnant wife right now, I might need something like this to help protect me from a pregnant-wife-murdering husband. It seems to be going around.

I’m guessing that in their list of categories, “Maternity” is real close to “Medieval.”

Well shit - wish I’d had this much protection six months ago.

  • Rez, week 24 and counting…

Makes perfect sense to me. SCAdians must get knocked up just like everybody else.

I’d say from the prolific activity that takes place behind the scenes at Ren Faires, SCAdians must get knocked up a lot more than everybody else.