Galactica Gag Reel ["spoilers"]

Didn’t see this posted elsewhere, and it’s been a while since we’ve had a Galactica thread with things to complain about:

BSG Season 3 Gag Reel

Warning: includes “spoilers” on the fate of Starbuck, Adama in a speedo, and new information on why all the Cylon wimmin are after Baltar. plus: flatulence! and a Schoolhouse Rock interlude!

That is frakking hilarious!

now I have to clean off my monitor…

Holy FRAK!

Major MAJOR spoiler there. Is this confirmed, or could it be a joke or something?

If it is true, may I be the first to say…

Which one? The fact that Baltar has an enormous wang?

No, I care nothing about that. I do very much care that

Starbuck is a toaster!? And she dies. I could handle her dying, but really do not want her to be a toaster.

Well, at least there’s conclusive proof that a major character is not a Cylon.

Bush: “Unlike me, they’ve got a plan.”

The “spoiler” has been Internet rumor for months now. Both parts, actually. Personally, I take the fact that it’s being sent up in their gag reel clip as evidence that (1) it’s probably not true, and (2) they’re frakkin’ with all the fans who’ve been freaking out about it.

On the other hand, I think this confirms that Laura and Bill actually were smokin’ a doob when it looked like they’d been smokin’ a doob.

Also, the real reason Tigh and Adama found the paper-eating shortage so funny:

Lack of oxygen making them loopy.

Makes sense… hmm… I wonder exactly what was in Starbuck’s bong? :smiley: Might explain some of her mood swings!

Ed Olmos cracks me up when he breaks character. It’s so…jarring. :smiley:

That dude has some serious gas issues lol

Must be all that algae.

I hope you’re right, and the whole spoiler thing is a joke. I’d heard about the second part (in my spoiler box) being rumored all over the net, but somehow I missed the first part–and I would really hate the first part.

On the doobage issue–I dunno. I’ve been pretty impressed with the acting in the whole show, and Bill & Laura are played by fine actors. They might have played it “straight” and been convincing. I suspect they had at least a minor buzz and played it up a bit for the camera. Fun scene either way.

I’m sure it was a joke.

Dammit, I thought that title said Gattaca gag reel.

Just a reminder, folks: Tricia Helfer appears in the February Playboy, which ships next week. Yowza!

:eek: Really?!! Silenus, I owe you big-time for that heads up!

“Unlike me, they have a plan”

That must have taken some serious audio-editing skills.

Is it just me, or was there a spoilery scene with Admiral Adama & President Roslin? I mean, I’m surprised that no one seems to be talking about the scene at the end where it appears that…

Adama and Roslin are engaging in some post-coital conversation.

Was I wooshed?

No need for spoilerage; the post-coital was also the post-doob. 'Twas a New Caprica flashback: Laura shares the weed she’d discovered on New Caprica with Bill, they smoke the doob, and next we see them in post-doob post-coital conversation.

In other words, mom and dad did it.