Galco’s Soda Pop Stop

Have any of you been to this place? Wish I had known about it the last time I was out in L.A…

Check this video out.

Holy shit, I’m making a drive out there after I come back from Seattle. It’s only 20 miles away!

Please post about your experience after you go.

Been there a few times. The store itself is a bit run down, but that’s part of the charm I guess. The owner’s super friendly and will likely talk your ear off about the merits of different sodas if you let him. Their selection of sodas is impressive and despite not being much of a soda drinker, I always end up with a case of different sodas every time I’m there. Their prices are a bit higher than normal though, but it’s worth it for the selection. I think they had over 20 different brands of root beer last time I was there. They also have a decent deli in the back and a selection of old-timey candy bars.

Sure, I will.

I stopped by a Rocket Fizz and got myself a few sodas. Galcos seems like it might be bigger but I was still overwhelmed by the selection of sodas and candies they had.

I’m drinking an Original Boylan’s Birch Beer right now. I also tried a pineapple soda and a sarsaparilla soda too. They were all great. :smiley:

I went to high school just down the street and around the corner. this was before the owner went dog nuts crazy for off the wall sodas.
Been back a few times since. the store is an experience to say the least.
Perhaps we could do an LA dopefest nearby and have a field trip. Lots of good Mexican places to eat in that neighborhood.

I’m up for a dopefest. I don’t know the area too well but I’m sure we can find a place with food and alcohol!