Gambling Laws in the U.S.

While gaming has been expanding enormously, I was wondering if there was any place that still had strict limits in place.

Does any U.S. state still completely prohibit gambling? I mean no lottery, no horse tracks, no bingo games, raffles, etc.

I am pretty sure that Hawaii has no public gambling and I think there is one other state that doesn’t either but I can’t remember what it is.

42 states have a lottery now and Arkansas will make 43 soon.

Used to be the Bible belt had no lotteries but as you can see that has changed.

Nevada and Mississippi have casinos so that means at least 45 states will have gambling.

Utah has NO type of gambling alllowed, for charity or any other purpose…

I believe the same is true in Alaska. Here are the statutes, though they’re in legalese and I don’t fully comprehend.

In some states the gambling laws do not apply to Native American owned areas, that is why they can have casinos - is that also true in Alaska?

The Indian Gaming Regulatory Act that set up the current system has rules that require that the state the casino is in must already allow a related form of gambling (for the basics) and then extra conditions for the full suite of casino games. I’m not an expert on such matters and what I’ve read seems confusing, but it does appear that not all tribes can start a casino due to this law.

When I was in Alaska a few years ago no gambling was permitted but there was some sale some little tickets with scratch off something which looked like gambling to me. Sort of an instant lottery thing. Some open violation of laws was not uncommon in the bush so these things may have been patently illegal.