(game) I liked it better when it was called....

OK… so its not much of a game if you can’t win it… but it should be fun… I’ll start.

I liked the Jerry Springer show better when it was called the Morton Downey Jr. show.

I liked Boys 2 Men better when they were called New Kids On The Block.

I liked Britney Spears better when she was called Debbie Gibson.

What do you have Dopers?!?!

I liked this game the first time I saw it… WHEN IT WAS CALLED DAVID SPADE’S HOLLYWOOD MINUTE!


ROFLMAO Your Right!!! I forgot about that! Hey… I never claimed to be original.

BTW… thanks for killing my game first post!! :stuck_out_tongue:

Would it help if I said:

I liked this thread better when it was called a game?

I liked Whammo better whe he was his sock puppet.

Always a pleasure, yo.