Game meat recipes! Get yer game on!

Two weeks ago I was on vacation at my wife’s parent’s house in Moravia. Dad-in-law is a forest manager, and it was high-time to cull the herds. He and I got 3 boars, 2 daneks (type of deer with moose-like antlers), 1 roe-deer and 1 fox. [For the gun-nuts, dad-in-law shoots a Merkel over/under combo 12g/7x65 and I was using a .222 Remington and the Merkel for the fox. Heavy forest, max distance 50 yards- dad got 2 boars 3 seconds apart with a slug loaded in the 12g] Sold-off most of the animals (still a socialist State here in some ways- you can go hunting and shoot the animal, but the State owns the carcass, so you have to buy the meat after you shoot it, otherwise they sell it to Germany), but we bought the meat from 1 danek and 1 boar.

Normally we eat the boar in goulash and roast the danek (served with a creamy vegetable sauce called svickova).

Boar goulash, mom-in-law style:
Dice 2 onions (save a handful for later), saute with 1 garlic clove until transparent in oil
Add a kilo (2lbs) or so of boar meat (venison works too) and brown
Add a few lovin’ spoonfulls of paprika (spicy or sweet)
Add a liter or so of water
Once it boils, turn it down to a simmer and let it sit for 45 min. If it gets too thick, then add some water, if it is too thin, add some roux or corn starch.
Salt and pepper and paprika to taste

Serve over dumplings, biscuits or thick slices of bread. Top with diced onions.

Here is a recipe for beef svickova, just use venison tenderloin and cook thoroughly. (Other Czech recipes as well)

One of my favorite all time recipes for venison and elk is simple and tasty as hell- cook them with garlic and maple syrup!
A little butter in the pan to start cooking the crushed garlic cloves (4 or 5), brown the meat a little, then add the maple syrup, cook until done, serve with potatos. The flavors mix just right.



What? No hunter’s out there? None? C’mon…somebody has to have a recipe or three!

I’m no hunter, but hubby plays one from time to time. Here is my favorite venison recipe: In large stock pot, cook 1lb. bacon. Remove bacon, and brown 2lb. venison in bacon grease. Add 3C beef stock and 3C apple cider, bring to a boil. Add 2Tbsp. vinegar, 2 large diced onions, salt pepper and oregano to taste. Return to boil. Add 4 lg. diced potatoes, 1lb. peeled baby carrots and 4 ribs of diced celery. Simmer until veggies are almost tender. Core and slice 4 large firm apples, add to stew and cook 10 more minutes.
If, during cooking, there’s not enough liquid, add equal parts beef stock and apple cider. When stew is done, if broth is too thin, dissolve some corn starch in apple cider and stir in.

Goat Testicle Stew

 8 - 10 pairs of goat testicles 
 Salt water. 
 1 large chopped onion 
 Several chili peppers 
 Potatoes, butter & milk for mashed potatoes 

Boil the testicles in natural saltwater. Throw onions, chili peppers and celery in the in the pot.
Let it boil for approximately 1 1/2 hours.
Serve with mashed potatoes.

Goats in season this time of year in Maryland? I didn’t realize that y’all considered them ‘game meat’. Or could I substitute boar balls?

Here’s my wife’s family (3rd generation Polish immigrants) recipe for venison marinade:

1/2 cup ketchup
1/3 cup wine vinegar or mix of wine & vinegar
2 tbsp soy sauce
1 tbsp worchestershire sauce
1 tsp garlic
1 tsp salt
1 tsp mustard
1/4 tsp pepper

Marinade for a couple days, then grill. Works for steak, too.


Sorry, I just thought that thread was uproariously funny.

I have only done this with dove, but it might be ok with other small game birds. It is really simple, but delicious.

Take one dove and fillet the breasts off the bone so that you wind up with two “halves.” Sandwich a slice of jalepeno pepper and a slice of onion between the halves, wrap the whole thing with a half slice of bacon, and stick a toothpick through it to keep it all together. Then cook it on a grill until done. They are also great with a small slice/chunk of cream cheese inside.

Of course dove are small so you want to make several of these per person.

Clean and dress the birds. Parboil the ducks with onion, garlic, and pine-sol.
-when the smell in your kitchen becomes intolerable, remove the ducks from the pot.
-marinate ducks in axle grease
-bake at 500 F
-throw birds out, order Dominoe’s pizza!
Eat pizza!

Thanks for the recipes.

But man, the attempts at humor are appalling…Please, go troll somewhere else, M’kay?

For dove:

Take the breast off of the breastbone, you’ll get something like 4 pieces of meat. Take two at a time and put some worchtershire sause, salt and pepper on them, then wrap them with bacon (only use enough bacon to go around once, a whole strip is too much). Broil or grill them until they’re done through (I forget how long it usually is exactly), and enjoy.