[GAME]Name Meme GIS

I saw this on my facebook page and it got some really interesting pictures. Google image search your name and the word “meme” and post the first image that pops up. Or the most interesting, there’s no way we’d know. This pic is for reals the first one that I get when I google my first name. It’s two images in before I start getting Michele Bachmann. Whew!

My first first name meme.

I got this plus twenty images of David Bowie.

Real first name: http://www.troll.me/2012/09/03/thumbs-up-jesus-says/grant-keep-your-chin-up/

Board name (picture is on this site but the actual hotlink leads to a picture smaller than what the website shows–it’s from the HHGTTG Infocom game): http://thedoteaters.blogspot.com/2012/03/douglas-adams-hoopy-frood-remembered.html

Here’s the first one (my first name’s Mark):

So, so awesome. These are the for real first three images that came up.







This is the best game ever.

What can I say?

I have those glasses.