Game of Thrones 8.05 "The Bells" 5/12/19 [Show discussion]

This is for show discussion with the show as its own entity. No book talk. Using book knowledge to guess about the ending of the show is the perfect thing to discuss in this show/book thread, not this one.

Open spoilers about the show once it begins airing on the east coast/streaming in a few hours. If you have an actual spoiler (taken from leaks from cast interviews or gossip magazines or whatever) that would be an appropriate use for a spoiler box. A few of us would prefer that if you want to talk about plot points revealed in “next week on…” promos you warn people that you’ll be discussing that first. Thank you.

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Show/book open spoilers discussion thread

It occurs to me that HBO may have made a minor strategy mistake with their timing and 6 episode schedule. Or I guess you could call it consumer friendly.

I subscribed to HBO Now on April 14th, the day of episode 1. You get a week of free trial, and then a month of the subscription… so my sub ends on May 21, 2 days after the last episode of the season. I suspect there’s a sizable amount of people who did this, so by not squeezing out 7 episodes, everyone can get the whole final season in one HBO Now month, rather than two.

Although I may not cancel anyway, HBO Now is actually pretty nice.

Stick around and watch The Wire, Deadwood Rome, and The Sopranos if you haven’t already. Though I think they’re all on Amazon Prime, too, unlike GoT.

We like it, too. But we’ll probably cancel it after the Deadwood movie (May 31, I believe), since we’ll have seen everything we’re most interested in two or three times.

I am so torn with this show now.
I have been thinking of the different outcomes and I came to the conclusion that none of them would make me happy.

Would I happy if Cersei ends in the throne? No.
Would I be happy if John ends in the throne, meaning that Danny was killed along the way? No.
Would I be happy if Danny ends in the throne? No, because John is the real heir and the have the feeling that the Starks would have a word about it but we wouldnt get to see that.
Would I be happy if someone else ends in the throne? No, because it wouldnt make any sense for that to happen…

Im so conflicted…

Other options are that Jon and Dany share the throne, that Jon ends on the throne but Dany is not killed, and that the wheel is actually broken, leaving no throne for anybody.

The sturm und drang over this season is nuts.

General opinions

Ep 1: Pretty good
Ep 2: One of the best eps of the entire series
ep 3: Couldnt see it, but a lot of spectacle. (Personally i loved it)


Jeez…it was just one bad ep people. (And again i loved it too)

Cersei dies. We probably see that area Jon and Dany visited again. Euron dies. Varys dies.

These are the only things im counting on.

I think my point is that no matter what the outcome is I will probably wont be happy with it.
I dont know why or how I got this state of mind with this show.
It seems because the show is ending and that bothers me. Silly I know.

Watching it now. Dude, *that *is how Varys dies? Man, frustrating.

Everyone seems to be *trying *to get themselves killed, either in battle or by execution. So that remains consistent.

And yes, exactly Dany – you attack from the direction of the sun so they are blinded until you’re on top of them. Eurion obviously expected that she would *not *be smart enough to do that.

Mad “Queen” Dany.

Uh, so everyone’s faith in her was not correct.

No, it’s fine, Cercei. Just stand there and look out the window.

Jon: “Danaey… are we the baddies?”

I literally just said this to my wife.

Ugh, lots to take in.

Did Jamie and Cercei die?

They could be alive. People survive entire castles falling on top of them every day.

My death list for this episode is:

Gregor Clegane
Sandor Clegane



Well that was about what I expected.

The pale horse was a bit on the nose.

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On first thought, great episode! Jon’s definitely going to kill Dany next episode. Who died? Varys, Cersei and Jaime, Qyburn, the Clegane family, the entire Golden Company and Lannister army, and every Dany fan’s hopes and dreams. I lost track of Tyrion after the carnival of horrors started. And Grey Worm went pretty “Mad General” himself. Man, King’s Landing is toast. “Queen of the Ashes” isn’t metaphorical in the slightest.