Game of Thrones, Lord Snow, 5/1/11

Here’s this week’s episode.

NO SPOILERS. Don’t hint at them, no segues. If new readers request a spoiler… PM them? Not sure how that’s going to work. Thoughts on that?

Last week we saw Tyrion slap the shit out of Joffrey, does the rest even matter? goes to youtube it again

Ok, fine. Bran lives!Tyrion makes crytic remarks to Cersei and Jamie at breakfast and indicates he’s going north to see the Wall with Jon. Catelyn, Robb, and Rickon stay at Winterfell while Ned, Sansa, Arya, and the King’s entourage head south to the capital. An assassin tries to kill Bran and the direwolf rips his neck open. Dany gets some sex lessons and learns to take command of at least some part of her marriage. Arya and the butcher’s boy play swords when Joffrey and Sansa happen upon them. Joffrey shows he’s a douche again, Nymeria rips his arm up and then Arya runs away. There’s a “trial” where Cersei demands Lady be killed since Nymeria can’t be found. Ned does the honors and Bran wakes up.

Here we go.

I’m just hoping for some great Wall scenery. Unfortunately I won’t be able to watch until at least Tuesday night, so the tension will be killing me.

One surprising thing about last week’s episode is that it explained why Tyrion was heading to the wall much more than the book actually did…

For the purposes of this thread, the books do not exists.

I don’t think what you said spoils anything, but there were still complaints last thread. Trying to nip this in the bud.

Gee, in the last episode, they arrived outside the wall. Is it really a spoiler to think that MAYBE they’ll be some kick-ass Wall scenes this week?

First of all, I was talking about the Tyrion mention. Second of all I said that nothing you said was a spoiler.

So why don’t you calm down.

Would like to see some discussion on this, have not read the books and missed this first episode.

You watched the second?

Here is the discussion of the first episode. (with mixed open and hidden spoilers), a little better on spoilers.

and, here we go!

(After the Lady Gaga commercial.)

An excellent episode. I see no reason to pick nits.

My opinion on the Kingsroad changed drastically from first to second viewing. We’ll see if that happens again here.

Best moment of the episode was Viserys getting taken down.

I liked this episode the best so far, especially the scenes between King Robert & Jaime, Ned & Jaime and every scene with Arya in it.

Was glad they included how Jon “Lord” Snow got a rough start in the Night Watch - that was well-done.

Oh… and Old Nan!

I look forward to re-watching this episode. I can’t rewatch the second episode, possibly ever - the Nymeria and Lady tragedies are just too hard to watch.

I haven’t seen this episode yet (nor read the comments above mine), but given the last two episodes, I’m prepared for the fact that in this series, things happen. Episode 1, incest! and a main character – a child – is thrown from a tower and possibly killed. Episode 2, another mistake by children results in the execution of a beloved pet.

I don’t think anyone or anything is safe in this series. I’m expecting a wild, wild ride.

Yeah, I did see The Kingsroad. Thank you for first episode discussion, Frank!

Syrio, is my new favorite. :smiley:
I would liked to see a bit more with Viserys and Dany. Despite myself I’m liking Jamie a lot. Littlefinger doesn’t seem as smug as he should.

A good episode, a few dead spots, but the story is moving. I like that the white walkers are talked about bit. Even Cersei and Joffrey get a bit of character building, glad to see they’re more than just evil hats.

AND one of the children. I’m assuming that the whole episode was in #2…if so, the butcher’s boy was also executed by the Hound.

I continue to be really enjoying this. Can’t wait for next week!

Littlefinger and Varys are both great casting.
But I don’t have much to say aside from that I’m enjoying it, I guess.

I agree. Both of them fit just fine.

I think we all learned an important life lesson tonight: if there ain’t a Khal tacked onto your name, you don’t touch a Khaleesa.

King’s Landing apparently is to Winterfell what Palm Springs is to Wasilla. Nice upgrade from that standpoint, but the lyrics “dice are rolling the knives are out” seems to be in play.

Not asking for a spoiler from the books (I started reading the first one tonight) but the opinion of others who don’t know: do you think Bran really can’t remember or just knows better than to mention the twincest?

Peter Dinklage must be happy-as-hell with this role because he is carrying off every scene he’s in.

I’m not sure its actually a nit to pick, but the scene where Arya, who rocks by the way, is introduced to the sword master and they begin the dance. If those were wooden practice swords, which they looked like, they gave off a metalic ting everytime they crossed swords.

And Tyrion was totally cool, when he was taking a piss off the wall.

Jaime looks like prince charming from shrek.


Heh. He totally does.