Game of Thrones, Cripples, Bastards, and Broken Things, 5/8/11

I’ll also note that there have been several mod notes on this point. I also would rather not read anything about the books in the episode threads. There’s a separate thread for those who want to bring their book larnin’ into the discussion.

Please, leave the books out of the episode discussions.

You didn’t request that in the OP. You just said it was a spoiler-free thread.

I said requested in the past.

Want me to run down how this discussion started?

Week one thread has tons of complaints about the book readers. Dio starts the thread for discussion as to how the show relates to the book. Subsequent weekly threads are for the show only. Specifically requesting to keep the books out of it.

Sometimes this is ignored. Either someone points it out every time it pops up and is really annoying, or it keeps on. Frank reminds the posters in this thread how it was decided these should go. quixotic78 snarkily replies. I point out the precedence and get more snark.

I didn’t say I said it in the OP for this thread. Merely that it has been discussed over several weeks and that’s how the threads decided to go.

Did you even read the OP before you started posting in this thread, or did you look at it go so you could have your “gotcha!” post?

I don’t know if hammy is the right word, but I think I see your point. Tyrion – not just Dinklage – is a scene-stealer, possibly to make up for his stature. Plus, he’s a Lannister, so he’s gonna be a bit louder than he needs to be, even overbearing. He exudes confidence (even if he doesn’t really have any), and maybe that comes across as hammy.

So what? You didn’t link to any threads where you made these requests. I, too, can pull arbitrary rules from other unlinked threads, and they’ll have exactly the same relevance that your unlinked rules have. If you wanted to not have the books even mentioned, then you should have said so in this thread, rather than requiring “your” readers to have a mental inventory of every past rule you’ve ever made that may or may not be relevant.

No, Frank expressed his wish to have the show stand on its own merit, rather than being compared to the books. I get it – the “The book did it better” refrain can get annoying – but I disagree, as is my right (so long as I’m not spoiling anything). He never mentioned your Holy Unspoken Rule about how the books cannot be mentioned.

I’m sorry I hurt your feefees with my snark, Snarky_Kong.

Look, I didn’t spoil anything, and you didn’t put in this thread that you wanted us to pretend the books didn’t exist. (And actually, if you could link to the post where you said such, I’d appreciate it, because my recollection is that you yourself posted a monster of a spoiler in your own thread where you asked for no spoilers. But what I don’t recall is this policy of not even mentioning the books’ existence.) So you have no leg to stand on.

Back to the matter at hand, I thought this episode went by very quickly. Dinklage didn’t bug me as much in this episode, but what did bug me was how everyone in the crowd at the joust – even drunken Robert – just sort of sat there quietly while Littlefinger told the Hound’s story to Sansa. It was awkward and kind of staged. But all in all, I’m excited about where the show is going.

From the previous episode thread “Lord Snow” 5/1/11:

From the thread on “The Kingsroad” 4/24/11:

Shall I continue, or do you now realize that if you’ve been following the threads on previous episodes, the policy of not talking about the books has been clearly stated by both Snarky_Kong and mods?

I should probably post them at least once a page too!

I never said anything about my rules being holy or anything of the sort. I was just pointing out the precedence.

Should I find you a link to the “don’t be a douchebag” rule too? I mean, it’s not in every thread, you could hardly be expected to remember it.

Your recollection is false and would be irrelevant anyway.

“I don’t remember the rule so it doesn’t matter.” Nice.

I’ll be sure to babysit you next week. I can make a nice flowchart for you to following along too! Reading comprehension and playing nice with others, it’ll be like doing kindergarten for the third time!

I remember that monster spoiler & am one of many who reported it. A quick review of earlier threads seemed to indicate it was deleted. If so, good.

That review also showed that Our OP hasn’t always been so pure about avoiding spoilers–marked & unmarked.

He’s reformed now!

If you’d like. Failing that, posting your rules for the thread in the OP should suffice. Maintaining that rules you’ve previously posted in other, unlinked threads also apply to this thread is silly.

What’s with the namecalling?

Bridget Burke seems to remember your giant faux pas. Which is good, because I was only ~75% sure that you were the one who posted the monster spoiler, so confirmation is nice.

Heh, you’re just like a lot of characters I’ve read about in this book I shan’t mention – a petty lordling. I hope it’s fun for you.

The zealotry of the recently converted, I guess.

Thanks for your quotes, Eyebrows 0f Doom. I see that I did indeed miss the policy of “Don’t even mention the books” from previous threads. I’m not sure those rules should even apply to this new thread with nary a mention – after all, I missed them, and someone posting for the first time about the series in this thread would have missed them too. Maybe the self-proclaimed King of All Threads Games of Throney could put all his rules in the OP for the next thread? (Or – ooh, and this is again relevant to some story I read once that I don’t remember – maybe someone will usurp His Grace and start a thread about next week’s episode and allow boxed spoilers? Oh the chaos!)

Can either of you pm me what the spoiler was? I think you’re mistaken.

She says it was deleted. Do mods do that? Seems they’d just add a spoiler box. The only complaint t I recall is about something I did have in a spoiler box.

Also, can you explain how pointing out that it has been requested by the OP, posters, and mods that book discussion is equivalent to crowning myself King of GoT threads?

You complained about a request for no book discussion. All I did was point out that that was the understanding in the thread and that the request was not anal nitpicking. So can you drop that “your grace” shit?

It’s some snark. I thought you’d appreciate it, given your name. It was meant tongue-in-cheek; I really don’t want to pick a fight about it, so I’ll drop it since it clearly bugs you.

And all I did was point out that, no matter how many times you made the request in other threads that the books not be mentioned, you did not do so in this thread. So to expect me to play by your elsewhere written rules that I had not read is silly.

I’ll look for that monster spoiler, but BB says it might have been deleted.

Well, it’s not quite that. It was the “whatever, I’ll do what I want” attitude.

If the posting went like this:

A: No book talk!
You: Why not?
Me: That’s how we’ve been doing it.
You: Oh, I didn’t know.

Then there wouldn’t have been any hard feelings.

I didn’t expect you to play by rules you’re not aware of, just that when they’re pointed out you go along with them.

We’ve gotten as far off topic as any of these threads have, so group hug time and moving on.

Are we still allowed to ask “Do you think that Ned Stark will look in the book for answers?”

Tsk, tsk. I hope they throw the book at you.

I’m loving this show. I have not read the books, and don’t find it particularly hard to follow, other than I don’t know anyone’s names (other than a select few), but that doesn’t really matter. Shown their pictures, I could give you a synopsis of their story line, relations and such. It’s a really good show, and I’m very eager to see where the season goes.

It does seem like they are packing a ton of story into each episode…I agree with the people above who said it could use longer episodes (or more episodes).

As to the subject of spoilers, I’d love it each week whoever starts the OP could make it crystal clear that for the purpose of this thread, the books just don’t exist. Each week there have been spoilers and stuff from the books, some big, some very minor, but for me, I want this to be about the show, and only what is shown on the show. If the book adds some more backstory for a character’s actions, well, that’s not for this thread. Here, we only know what is shown on screen and should judge the show and our perceptions of the characters only on that.

I disagree. That would be Ned, Lord Eddard Stark, despite his many flaws.

And there will be another such person, later, who will remain here nameless in obedience to the no-book-discussion thread rule. PM me if you want to know who.

You’ll have to go to the spoiler thread and tell me then, because I damned sure can’t think of one. And if you’re going to say who I think you’re going to say, you’re wrong!


But Eddard…

yeah, gonna have to go to the other thread.
Quick question: was saying that the show was following Dany’s arc in the book a no-no? It didn’t seem like a spoiler to me, but now everyone’s flipping out about the book’s existence and I want to know for future reference.

Better to pretend here that the books don’t exist at all. Go to the spoiler-laden other thread otherwise, or PM one of the GoTscenti.