Game of Thrones (season 5) BOOK SPOILERS!! TV SPOILERS!

Or littlefinger, he seemed like he knew something talking with Sansa.

Pfft, yeah, like Littlefinger would have been at the Harrenhall tourney! He stole the Hound background story in season 1 too.

I liked that Obara told the story of how she met Oberyn. That and the Rhaegar story were some good fan service.

I think it’s up in the air whether or not one or both of Grey Work/Barristan are dead. I’ll guess one, but not both.

The question of who would reveal R+L=J is also present in the books. Howland Reed would know, but he’s not around.

I think Grey Worm will survive, but Barristan is a goner…

In the “Next week on…” Barristan was lying on something like a funeral bier in Dany’s throne room

I liked BOTH Rhaegar stories, and how they contrasted with each other.

Yeah, I’m worried Barristan’s gonna kick it, for the same reasons (preview doesn’t look good). Boo. :frowning:

I like that they worked in Obera’s story, but ugh, that whole scene was just cringeworthy. And I’m really started to get tired of the dialogue design where a character will be asked a simple yes or no question, and the person will respond with a long pause then launch into a lengthy monologue. It’s barely a step up from Family Guy’s “remember that one time when…” design. Sometimes it works (Stannis’ was pretty good) but others just seem forced.

I have to say the Unsullied or the IlLiterati or those who just prefer Tv over books :stuck_out_tongue:
no long have to worry about “book spoilers”- as of this epi, the show has taken so many and such serious turns from the books that even those who have read and remember ( I read, cant remember:smack: ) now *know *fuck-all what’s gonna happen next.

I do find it interesting they’re switching Margaery with Loras for the trial, though. Suddenly makes sense why they’ve played up the “he’s gay” angle so much.

Was I the only one going “Cersei might be an idiot, but THAT much of an idiot???” when she actually gave the sparrows the arms?

From my memory of the books, they had some sort of pay off from the church, and in return they asked for the faith to be rearmed. Now, the anyone with the slightest sense would have said no, but Cersei there was simply uninformed. And had a good enough reason to consider it.

But show Cersei just gives the right to arms to a massive new faction, so they can go and round up the gay brother of their enemies? They were doing a pretty good job unarmed in seeking out the ones who offended them.

Maybe it doesn’t make much difference, really. However, it annoyed me.

Yes, it might be time to reconsider the ability to spoiler in the main episode threads, “the books now exist”.

There isn’t much left to spoiler, Jon Snow, Walk of Shame, Mercy?

If the Bolton’s are not alive at the end of this seasoin, hardholme has happened, Tyrion has reached Danys, and Frankengregor fight is resolved, then the show is way past the books…

Grayscale and Rhaegar have been mentioned a fair bit now, so I suspect a whole lot of main arcs might be spoilered too… Then again, nearly halfway through the season now.

Yeah, this was the first episode I can recall that I didn’t like. Too much of what you describe above. A few more thoughts:

  • Ellaria and the Sand Snakes all hanging out at a pavilion near the beach seemed an odd setting choice.

  • The Sons of the Harpy sure made mincemeat of the Unsullied they fought. Sure, the latter were outnumbered, but only Grey Worm gave a proper accounting of his army’s legendary prowess.

  • Wondering if Sam will ever head to the Citadel…

  • Sansa still seems unconvinced by Littlefinger’s plans and her ability to carry out her part in them. She hasn’t turned the corner on becoming a conniving baddass yet. I don’t much like the current state of this storyline.

  • The Loras-for-Margaery trial swap seems like a good choice, although I wonder how Cersei will now be cornered into the accusations that lead to the Walk of Shame.

  • With Varys now split from Tyrion, I’m not sure it made sense for the show to have him accompany Tyrion. Varys’ plot in the books is much more satisfying.

My wife and I were both surprised by Barristan’s death. Though I hold out hope until I see his actual funeral my own eyes next week.
But it makes sense, narratively. In the books, Tyrion and Mormont are still at the circus of the freaks, right? Or wandering the desert for 40 years. Something like that. So Dani still needs an advisor from King’s landing.

But in this story, they’ve apparently made it to Mereen by next week, so there has to be some sort of movement on that front.

Oh and can I just say that the unsullied apparently suck ass at this whole fighting thing. Seriously unless the Sons of the Harpy happened to also be Unsullied in disguise, those trained-from-birth soldiers -who were on high alert and active patrol - got their ass handed to them by a bunch of townfolk.

So true.

I would have been satisfied if the unsullied were outrageously outnumbered. But getting beaten with a roughly equivalent number of fighters?

Um. Would you mind a quick synopsis? For the life of me I can’t remember what / where Varys did or is doing.

Varys eventually ends up killing Kevan Lannister with a crossbow bolt. Kevan was named Regent to Tommen after Cersei’s imprisonment. He also kills Pycelle. More info here:

Awesome. Thanks!

Indeed. All of this is spot on. In the books, the Sparrows were causing all sorts of problems all over the land - as the War of the Five Kings had basically decimated the country. The Sparrows were become quite a force of their own and the High Sparrow said they’d stop all of the stuff they were doing if Cersei re-instituted the Faith Militant. She was basically forced into it, but even then I think it was supposed to be considered a bonehead move.

re: Barristan - So… Barristan is dead, but in the books he’s still alive as of sample chapters in Winds of Winter - in fact he’s basically the Regent of Meereen (He’s officially “Hand of the Queen”) as Dany is out in the Dothraki Sea with Drogon. Maybe this means that when Drogon kills the fighting pits folk, she doesn’t go out in the Dothraki Sea to collect a new Khal? Or perhaps Jorah wins his way into Dany’s graces and takes Barristan’s role in the books?

In the books, Jorah and Tyrion are part of the army (mostly made up of sellsword companies and armies from Yunqai and Astapor, which have been retaken by slavers) that is gathered around Meereen, besieging the city.

Seriously. That was highly disappointing. When I saw the ambush I was expecting the townfolk to viciously attack while the 5 or so Unsullied join together in an impenetrable defensive formation and wipe the floor with the Sons of Harpy. What happened instead was quite a surprise.

Actually the high sparrow got elected high septon and then negotiated with Cersei to forgive the crowns debts to the church (i believe they owed the church several million gold) if she would agree to get the King re institute the faith militant. Cersei went back to red keep acting like she pulled of a huge coup by saving a few million, everyone else saw it as a huge huge mistake.