Game of Thrones (TV) astronomy—are there any clear, onscreen shots of the Moon?

Well, I’ve got a few hours off for once, so it’s time for one of my oddball technical questions. In the Game of Thrones TV series—which I admit, I’ve mostly been following secondhand—do any clear shots of the Moon appear onscreen, at any point?

I ask because the actual planet the series takes place on, like many fantasy stories, while Earthlike, isn’t actually Earth (the fans have nicknamed it “Planetos”), so I’m always curious if in a visual adaptation for these kinds of works, the artists involved ever bother to change the surface features, like the craters and marias, of it’s natural satellite when it’s visible.

Also, admittedly, this is something I almost never remember to look for when I’m watching a fantasy movie/TV show/painting, etc. :smack: But still, while I’m thinking of it…can anyone enlighten me?

The only astronomical thing I remember is a comet, visible in the day. Can’t remember which season but I think it was the first episode of the season.


In the books legend says they were once two moons, but one flew into the sun, broke up, and became a bunch of dragons.

One mare, two maria.

Quite right—typo, on my part.

♪ How do you solve a problem like maria? ♪