Game Seven: Devils vs. Ducks. It all comes down to this. . .

Just a continuation of this thread. . .

Oooh, I’m all tingly. It’s 1830 (local) and I’ve got ESPNs SportsCenter on. My TV Guide says the game will be on in half an hour.

Predictions? ESPN is saying the past 11 years, the home team has been 9 - 2 in Game Sevens. I can only pray. GO DEVILS!

Is it wrong to ask God to work for ‘the Devils’? :smiley:

Go Devils!
I have no particular affinity for the Devils, but I have a hell of a lot of respect for Marty Brodeur.
And while it’s great what the Ducks have done this year, I was most unhappy when they swept the Wings.
Of course, being a Coyotes fan…

And I watched the Braves game during Game 6 too…but I flipped back and forth betwixt the two. I can tear myself away from the Braves for the finals, I reckon!

Go Devils, if for nothing else than to stop the damned Mighty Ducks (and the ensuing media frenzy) from winning the Cup. That’d be a darker point that the glow puck/phosphorescent puck/whatever the hell they called that thing, for crying out loud.

I haven’t watched hockey lately like I did a year ago, but I shall watch this one. :slight_smile:

Whoooo doggie. . . Scoreless after the first.

My BP: 120/60 (I think). :smiley:

I’m not a doctor but I play one on TV.

ace22, unless ESPN is lying there is but one baseball game tonight and it does not feature the Braves.

You are, as such, forgiven:D

Devils in the 5-hole!! Woo-hoooooo!



Yep! 7:42 into the second, Friesen pops in Jersey’s #2.

Devils 2, Ducks 0.

I’m going to be a happy puppy tonight. :smiley:


End of the second, 2 - 0 Devils.

I may be a really happy puppy tonight, but it ain’t over 'till it’s over. . .

Blood Pressure: 220/50.

I know you dont want to hear this Tripler, but as a hockey fan i would love to see the Ducks pick up at least one goal early in the third period.

The Ducks really need to come out and hit the Devils hard in their defensive zone… i dont know why they havent been doing that more… it seems like they aren’t being aggressive enough. The better they for-check, the less they have to try to break into the offensive zone cold.

The Ducks’ offense, it seems to me, is as bad on the road vs. the Devils as it is good at home. Either that or there’s some weird road karma in effect here.

Either way, it don’t look good for the road team, though I can’t say I’m surprised. I had a sense this would go 7 games from the Devil’s game 7 win over … crap, I know this.

The Senators. That’s it.

Jeff Freisen, just under 4:00 in the third, gets #3.

I’m now a happy puppy. :smiley:

Congratulations Devils!

And congratulations also to the Mighty Ducks! Having spent the first half of my life growing up in Orange County, it’s wonderful to see them do so well. Let’s do this again next year!

Great series, eh?

I love the nail-biters. :smiley:

Can someone save me the inserts from the Star Ledger and Bergen Record?

A truely great and entertaining series. The only thing that would have made it better would be if the Devils fans had showed Giguere the credit and respect he deserved when we was given the Conn Smythe, instead of booing him like they did. Everyone knows that the only reason the Ducks were anywhere NEAR the Finals was him, and he clearly deserved that trophy. He deserved to be treated with respect and class… the fact that half of the Devils players were applauding him should tell the fans something.

<Dennis Miller> But thats just my opinion, I could be wrong </Dennis Miller>

It helped that there was only one baseball game… :slight_smile:
And call me ace, baby :cool:

I only got to see the first two periods, unfortunately, but the Devils did seem to be resoundingly putting it away. You just can’t expect to get away with eight shots a period on Brodeur!
And a well-deserved Conn Smythe for Giguere. Even though he beat the Wings. On the bright side, he also beat the Stars.

Ha, ha, Anaheim lost!

-Troy McClure SF, the disgruntled Giants fan.

Perhaps they just felt that The Only Goalie In The History Of The NHL to Goalie Seven Shut-Outs might have deserved it more.