Game Shows...Any Dopers won?

I know a few folks around here have won on Jeopardy, but I was wondering if anyone had won any of the other game shows on TV. Especially the more fortuitous ones, such as Price is Right, Pyramid, Hollywood Squares, et al.

Does anyone have any stories from their experiences or those of friends/relatives?

Also, when you win a prize (other than cash), how are your taxes assessed? I mean, let’s say a college kid wins a new car - how the hell is s/he going to be able to pay the taxes?

The only story I have is from a friend who went on Wheel of Fortune. He won ten grand and then lost on the hundred grand finale. He has been kicking himself ever since. For some reason, they don’t give out the cash till 90 days after the show is aired, so he didn’t actually see anything for five months.