Game: The A to Z of haiku

Annie’s anteater
Appropriately ate an
Ancient, auburn ant.

Bombax, bibābat
Batiolā Baccēā
Boviter blaesus.

Caution, Cicely!
Carniverous cats can carve
comely curlicues.

Don’t dawdle, dimwit.
Do dunk dangerous doughnuts
Don’t dream decadence.

Each elk exhausts Ed.
Elands entertain Emma.
Elephants escape.

For fantasy, Fred
Fancied fondling Florence.
Fully fulfilling.

Giant gems galore!
Good golly gee, Geoffery.
Group grope, grab goodies!

Hey, has Heather heard?
Her hystorectomy had
hair, horrible hair.

If Isabella
invites idiots inside,
is it illegal?

Jaundiced Juliet
Jeeringly jested, “Jenny
Just jinked Justice Just!”

Kenneth’s kittens keep
kicking Kimberly’s kernels.
Kamikaze kooks!

Lampreys love living
largely luxurious lives.
Little levity?

Marching militias
Merciless mayhem, madness
Many millions maimed

Now, No No Nanette
Nobody, Nowhere, No news
Nothing new, no no

Others opt other options
Opposite of owls

Pete’s plump potatoes
produces plenty pleasant
Pot pie potential

And I can’t believe we’re doing this…

Quickly querrying
Quatzequatel’s quich. Quickly,
question quiet quail!

Raving randomly,
religiously relevant
righties rouse rabbles

Some silly strangers
Strangled Sam seductively
Staying strangely still

Thirteen tom turkeys –
Tantalizing tryptophan
Thanksgiving treats, Ted!