Game - Three Vowels

Here’s a new word game… some of you have probably played the game where you see the three letters on a license plate and try to come up with a containing all of those letters in order. Well, this is a variation of that.

-The three letters are all vowels
-The word in question can contain NO OTHER VOWELS

Let’s see if we can get every single one of the 125 combinations in order, starting with AAA (easy) and ending with UUU (much harder). (Given the general ordering of the vowels, this game will get much much harder as it progresses).

Anyhow, I’ll start…
AAA - Banana
AAE - ?


AAI - ?

AAI- again


AAO - Aragorn

(OK, just kidding… )

But it suggests a correct answer:

AAO - Tarragon

AAU - ?

AAU: Xanadu

Hey, you didn’t say proper nouns were verboten!

So is it now AEA? Man, too easy!

It goes without saying that proper nouns are verboten.

AAU is still on the table.


Next AEA


AIA - ?




AUA is waiting

aura? that sounds too easy…

EEE next?

OneYoghini, I believe EAE is next so I choose behaved.

Now it’s time for EEE

Wouldn’t EAE be next?

If so, my submission is:

EAE = Eased.

Then EEE would come next (right?)

And Tikki beat me to it, so I’ll take EEE…

EEE = Expected.

Next is EIE…

EIE = edited

Based on the way this is going, looks like EOE is next. Although, I do wonder what happened to AEE, AEI, AEO, and do on.

They appear to have not paid to be on this board. I’ll pay AEE’s way though and give you agree.

AEI anyone?

AEI = rarebit



Is the next one AEU?

I confess I’m confused.


The next one should be AIE


Next is AIO, yes?