Gamer spammer: I curse thee! (and a thank you to Coldfire)

Or an even more inane reference.

May your characters meet the dreaded Gazebo!

Ooooh i wanna play too!

May the lag beast take up residence in your modem!

May all your base belong to the Teletubbies!

May your computer be replaced by a Colecovision set!

May your CD-ROM drive really get replaced by a cupholder, and may you have to call tech support to fix it!

LilyoftheValley: the Colecovision one was vicious! :), I will add this to that curse:

… with a Black and White TV for monitor!

But I like Furry Star Trek Fanfic!

It is not directed at you Trinopus :slight_smile:

Furries are OK in my book, but I am not a fanatic: I like all animation and cartoons, I am more into anime.

All those curses are directed at a lower creature than the geeks that put themselves as the hero in their fanfic: the gamer spammer.

This gamer spammer is at the same level as pond scum, Dart Vader’s underwear, snot that came out the sphinx’s nose, and telemarketers!