Gamer spammer: I curse thee! (and a thank you to Coldfire)

*I never saw that before: It looks like there are web sites were one can get points for every click one can get from friends, family, etc. This then makes the monster/army of the page creator more powerful. One of those gamers spammed all our forums yesterday with a link to his page; I will not mention the name nor the place it came from. However, my curses will be directed to the spammer and all the dorks that do such abominable things: *
You losers that pretend to be winners in your site: you sirs are the most rotten, disgusting, pieces of Cacodemon shit ever to appear in the WWW!

May your army of darkness be only of insufficient light!

May your avatar be pixilated, and by an Etch-a-sketch!

May your soul suffer a defense loss of –2000!

May you be killed by a single bite of a Chupacabra from Diablo II… with all your saved games already erased!!

May all your characters in SW Galaxies plunge into the Sarlacc! (Since you will have the time: look around to confirm if Bobba Fett is inside or not). After playing your doomed SW game:

May all your searches for porn get you only gamorean porn!

May the Doom III in your computer be stuck with a Barney mod for all eternity!

May the boss monster be your mom!

May the dungeon master be your mom!

May Cthulhu send you a greeting card saying: thinking of you!!!

May Coldfire cast you to the kingdom of lost removed threads…


He did that! Many thanks indeed governor!!..

So, spammer: Farewell! You lower than a Furry Star Trek fanfic writer, were you put yourself as a hero, geek!*


[sub]*All the curses are mine, Tip to the hat to the Geek hierarchy chart for the farewell.[/sub]

I wish to congratulate you on a fine set of curses, sir.
I particularly enjoyed “May the Dungeonmaster be your mother” :smiley:

May you be slain by a grue.

Why thank you TPWombat! That curse works both if you imagine it in a gaming setting or in a medieval location…
I am not sure which one is worse. :wink:

Yep, seems we get that sort of thing about every six months.

Why anyone would play an online game that encourages spamming is beyond me.

Yer welcome. :wink:

I beleve one is EATEN by Grues.

But I suppose being slain is part of the bargan.


Oh, those dungeon and cave dwellers in Zork!

Took me awhile to figure that out, I was mostly a Hitchhiker’s guide to the galaxy guy

Grues? :shrug: now, a Ravenous Bugblatter Beast of Traal! That was something! :smiley:

Coldfire: :cool:

That’s it, mister! One more alignment violation and you are grounded for the rest of your life!

I say we call out the Grognards and chase the scoundrel across the bleak Russian steppes!

Sorry, War in Russia flashback.

Oh, and may your twelve-sided dice always come up short.

**May you have no good luck and I recant the curse!

Now may these be upon you until you have purchased me a well drawn Pint! Of Guinness!**

—The end of an Irish curse (10% intact, the rest was too violent to post.)
Did I mention that I’m Irish? :wink:

The hamsters are running wild tonight. That’s a first for me - header/postscript duplication.

The spammer should be forced to toss Q*Bert’s salad.

With mustard.

Does that date me?

Ok, Ok! Here it is!

Now, come here often? :wink:

That last pint… I mean post was for Blonde.

Mr. B: was there a Q*Bert salad?!?

Not that I know of. QBert never really caught on as a pop icon.
But I’d definitely make the spammer toss Q
Bert’s salad.

With horseradish.

I am certainly going to do more than just think about this creep . . . :smiley:

Ohh c’mon DreadCthulhu! I thought Cthulhu’s mental powers could drive that bastard insane, or kill him on the spot! :wink:

What other, well deserved, tortures you have in mind for that creep? :smiley:

I understand that if Cecil puts a towel over his eyes, spammers can’t see the SDMB…

OK, that was a stretch.