Gamers: stupid minor Throne of Bhaal question.

Okay, I just picked up the Baldur’s Gate II expansion a couple days ago, everything’s going pretty cool. I always loved adventuring at this level back in the pencil-and-paper days.

I’ve just got this one minor little thing that’s driving me BATTY!

… How do you activate the “pocket dimension” ability? I’ve looked all around the interface, I’ve read hints and walkthroughs I found online, I can’t figure it out! Everybody (even the in-game HINTS!) just keeps saying "Use the pocket dimension for yada-yada-blah-blah-blah … "

But it never says HOW!!! :mad:

Won’t you please help a brudda out? (Well, a sister, technically - I always role-play women. I dunno, it’s just a thing. I’m straight, honest.)

I’m gonna go look around a little more while you excellent people do your thing.

  • Dave

Oh, come on… won’t somebody please help?

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Sorry, I think we’re all playing the Diablo II Expansion. I can tell you how to get to the Cow Level…

… however, if you go to and type in Baldur’s Gate II Walkthrough, you’ll get links to all sorts of informative sites.

All I remember is that it is on the icon bar the lists your main characters special abilities. I think one of the f Keys is a hot button for it. I always watched while my friend played so I don’t know the exact command.

I’ve had Throne of Bhaal sitting on my desk for a few weeks or months now. Maybe I should get around to installing it…