Games set in China? (PC only)

With the exception of Sleeping dogs, what other games are there that are set in China? Preferably open world-ish.

Battlefield 2: Modern Combat is set in and around a fictional war between NATO and China.

Total War: Three Kingdoms will be released soon. It’s set in China during the Three Kingdoms (AD 220-280) period. I guess you can call it open world, since it’s got the entire map of China to play in.

Emperor: Rise of the Middle Kingdom is a mission-based city builder, set ancient China from the mythical Xia Dynasty (2070 BC - 1600 BC) to the Jin dynasty (AD 1115–1234), just before the Mongol invasion.

Shadowrun : Hong Kong is set in the cyberpunk dystopia that is the Shadowrun world, but in the Chinese part of it and involves bona fide Chinese mythology.
Jade Empire is not set in real China, but in a world that very much resembles medieval China as seen in wuxia flicks.

I think there are some Dynasty Warriors titles on PC ? If so, they’re beat 'em all based on Romance of the Three Kingdoms.

Not open world, but one of the Assassins Creed: Chronicles quasi-side scrollers is set in China.

Forgot another. Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days is set in Shanghai.

Best Bioware game ever. Make a Knights of the Old Republic-style game, set it in a unique and rich Chinese fantasy world, and change the combat system from a menu-based “wait your turn” system to a full action martial arts combat (think Ninja Gaiden Black). It was phenomenal.

I never understood why they never made a sequel. I would have loved to play that.

This is a great game. It was the best of the Sierra city builders. And Jade Empire is also great.

I’m just going to push back a little and say it was “good, but flawed” :). The setting was great, the mechanics were mostly fine( but see below), the acting solid, the plotting decent( but see below ). However…

It was very, very KotOR. The alignment system promised but completely failed to deliver any nuance. The main plot twist was 100% predictable if you ever played the original KotOR. A few skills like Storm Dragon( I think that is the right one )were kinda broken. And it is annoyingly short ;).

But yes, I’d happily play a sequel in an instant.