What video games would you like to see created?

Personally, I’d like to see an open ended FPS with RPG elements set in the old west. It would have a multiplayer component ala Rainbow six/COD with different match types.

How about y’all?

I want to see the guys who do the Total War games do one with a fantasy theme.

I’d like to see them do one with a modern/futuristic theme. If they did that, and combined it with the unit types from Medieval, Shogun, and Rome Total War, you could have some fun creating bizarre time-travel/alternate history battles - like a Vietnam-era platoon vs. a few hundred Byzantine infantry, Trebizond archers, and a few dozen Kataphraktoi…hmm, that scenario might be too easy for the GIs, considering the morale effects of gunpowder weapons.

Of course any other day I could list probably a dozen games I’d liketo see… but now… My mind’s blank.

Here are a few.

Oh, I’d like to see a Medal of Honor game from the Russian perspective. Something obviously inspired by Enemy at the Gates.

I also would like to see a good Western game. I’ve heard Red Dead Revolver has too many flaws. Something closer to GTA. Grand Theft Equine: Dodge City

I’d like to see a sequel to Fredom Fighters that takes place in the mid-west instead of New York. So closer to Red Dawn which it is inspired by.

I’d like to see Sacrifice II get made. It’s a third person RTS that involves harvesting souls and dozens of possible paths through the game. It won’t get made though the first one sold like crap.

I’d like to see a FPS with the realism of Ghost Recon only set as survival horror. It would be insanely stressful and make you jump at every sound.

I’d like to see an open ended role playing game where there’s always about three solutions to every problem (Think Fallout 2) it has Morrorwind’s skill based leveling up only better thought out and a dynamic world where you can fail any quest and have the world respond to that. Also you get a reputation and people react to…oh hell just make Fallout 3 instead.

I’ll second the Fallout 3 nomination. :slight_smile:

Actually, for years and years I lamented the fact that driving games had gotten so sophisticated after Gran Turismo, but no one had thought to do an open-ended driving game that also integrated the ability to get out of the car and explore.

Enter Grand Theft Auto.

Problem solved. :smiley:

I’d really like to see a baseball simulation game that combines the awesomely realistic graphics of an ESPN-type baseball game with the awesomely real simulation engine of Diamond Mind baseball with the franchise managment features of a Mogul-style baseball game.

Also I’d like to see a first-person sex sim.

I’d also like to see a first-person game that allows you to travel to any location on earth at any point in time and gives you the options to try to blend into society or wreak as much havoc as possible

Oh course the one I also lament the absence of… A Dawn of the Dead game.

None of the Resident Evil games do it for since they aren’t really about the Zombies.

I want a DotD game where the threat is the massive and ever growing amount of zombies and your lack of supplies to combat or just survive them.

Pssst…Call of Duty. It’s the last third of the campaign, but well worth it!

I’d also like to see Total War for the Napoleonic wars and all the old Avalon Hill games turned into war games, starting with Wooden Ships and Iron Men.

Sam & Max: Freelance Police

Damn you Lucasarts!

Wait… is that one of those PC only Online games? BAH!

Masters of Orion 3. The real one, not that crap they released last year.

I’d like to see the GTA control scheme, on foot, weapons, hijack vehicles all that, worked into a Cowboy Bebop game where you need to capture bounties and solve crimes.

It’s called Galactic Civilizations. It has an Expansion pack being developed. (Ok not really like Masters of Orion but it’s a great space 3X game. And the AI will kick your ass. I’m serious. It doesn’t get any resource bonuses until the highest difficulty level and it will murder you the first time you play)

I’m waiting on Dragon Age from Bioware. Party control for single player a la Baldur’s Gate, and solid multiplayer with a toolset a la Neverwinter’s Night. What else could I possibly ask for?

Nope, it has a great single player (as well as multiplayer).

I want FALLOUT 3 made so badly and the bastards haven’t even started yet. Also a sequel to UFO: Enemy Unkown which does not suck would be nice - like Warhammer: Chaos Gate only in the UFO universe.

Erm…it IS a PC-only game, but the Russian campaign is part of the very-well done single-player game. There is a large online multiplayer presence, but the single-player game is exceptional.

There needs to be an Iron Chef fighting game. It could have a single-player mode where you try to combine ingredients and create dishes and stuff, but the fun part would be the head-to-head showdown where the chefs duke it out using all the deadly implements in Kitchen Stadium. I think the opportunity to whack Bobby Flay with an octopus would be a major selling point.

It should have cheat codes too. With the right combination maybe you could unlock other culinary masters. Alton, Julia Child, the Swedish Chef…the possibilities are endless.