Games that apear to be hand drawn

On the below link is a Space Invaders clone that looks like it was drawn on a sheet of paper. I can also vaguely recall a first person shooter game that looked hand drawn. I can also seem to recall an “article” in the April issue of EGM, Electronic Gaming Monthly, which "claimed there would be a First person shooter based on the “Take on Me” video from Aha. Remember, the April issue.

Anyone else recall similar styles of game artwork?

The FPS you describe must have been in development for quite a long time. I recall reading a blurb and seeing screenshots in an issue of PC Gamer…and I haven’t looked at PCG in over two years.

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What do you think of XIII ? That’s a FPS that looks like comic book.


Meh…8 bucks an issue for info I can get for free on the web.

I do miss it, though – some good writing, and generally solid info. Too bad they seal 'em in those damnable plastic bags, or I’d just thumb through them at the newsstand.

Oh, nice. It’s too new to be in the ten dollar bin, though. Too bad.

Pencil Whippedhere’s a demo.



You’d be surprised. It didn’t sell too well.

There’s also a lighting mod for Half-Life 2 that will make an approximation of cel shading. It looks really nice at times.

Yep…that’s the one I saw.

I just played the demo of Pencil Whipped. Wow…just awful. It’s like someone took Half-Life Cheap Deaths 101 and then went hog-wild with it.

Great. Now whenever I play Space Invaders, I’m gonna imagine myself hearing a bunch of guys operatically singing the words “Kill the fuckin’…” over and over.

I’ve never played it, but I heard Stretch Panic’s 3-D level select was done in the Take On Me style.

Earthbound features a lot of hand-drawn style artwork. Well, except for the trippy patterns during fights and whatnot.

If you want a good FPS in a hand-drawn style, try nprQuake.

Finally, quite a few games include a hidden “Pen and ink” mode; including Cel Damage and the execrable N64 South Park.