Gametap: recommend it, decry it?

I would not be surprised if this were already a topic somewhere, but alas, the board’s search function is limited in the extreme right now. So here’s me launching a new topic despite its possible redundancy.

I’m a PC gamer who doesn’t have big bucks or a huge-ass gaming system. I’d like to try a variety of games that will ideally work on Vista without crying foul. From past threads I’ve been told Gametap is a good deal, especially for older games, and I’m about 75% sold, but I’d like to hear more from current or recent subscribers/users if possible.

  • Any other Vista PC folks? Is it worth it or are there still too few working games available for Vista?

  • If you do have Vista, how well (if at all) do the older games work? Do you need DOSbox or some similar program, or does Gametap have its own?

  • Whether you have Vista or not, do you recommend the subscription?

  • Any tips? Favorite game discoveries? My interests are FPSes, mostly, though I also enjoy point & click adventures, puzzles and racing games. Don’t have the patience for RPGs.

  • What downsides are there? Does it slow your system down? Do you have to be connected? Spyware or other nasties included in the software?

Thanks all!