Playing (sort of) old games: which version of PSP should I buy?

I’ve always wanted to pick up a PSP, but as there was only a handful of games I was particularly interested in (humorously enough mostly enhanced remakes), and I had much better uses for my money, I held off. Well, I’ve had a bit of a windfall recently, and I figured I might as well pick one up and get the games I wanted since there aren’t many new games I’m interested in that aren’t on Steam or offering some form of free to play.

I know there are several versions of them, and it looks like the PSP 3000 is the one to get, but I vaguely recall reading online about some cool feature of the older models being taken out, so I’m wondering if anyone here might know of a reason to get one of the older models instead?

Also, I guess if people have any games they’d want to suggest I’d be interested to hear what and why.

As I remember it the 3000 was the better choice in almost every category, but it was a bitch to hack. Probably a lot easier now though as it’s been years since I’ve messed with that kind of thing. That could actually be a pretty significant factor. Those UMD discs are awful, far too large for their own good, and relatively easy to break too. So unlike a DS or even a Game Boy you can’t just shove a dozen games in a carry case and go about your merry way. But with a hacked system you can just toss games on a memory stick and ditch those awful fuckers. (And yes you can relatively easily dump your own UMDs, so you don’t have to touch any illegal downloads.)

In either case avoid the 1000. It’s a chunky thing and there’s no video out to play on a TV.

Heh, wanted to wait a day to give people a chance to reply. Looks like I should’ve just stayed on last night.

Thanks for the info Rubixcube, I’ll look into the UMD to memory card stuff. I think I’d rather get the 3000, but it’s good to know all the factors.