Gaming Headset Recommendations?

Dunno if this should go in IMHO but being gaming specific figured I’d find the appropriate crowd here. Mods move if I am mistaken and sorry for the trouble if you do.

I am looking to buy a new gaming headset (i.e. headset with built in microphone). I prefer standard audio connectors rather than USB since USB eats system resources but for an otherwise real good headset I can be persuaded. Surround sound and so on would be nice.

Mostly looking for around the ear, extended wear headphone for long gaming sessions. Noise canceling is not necessary nor does it need to isolate sound only to the user (i.e. people in the room with me could hear it).

I am willing to spend up to $100 (give or take) if the headset merits it.


I use this. Comfy for hours and hours and hours of gaming and my fleet can hear my orders crystal clear even with a window fan blasting in my face. Great audio quality too for the cash. It’s not a Senheiser, but it’ll do.

I use something similar – also Plantronics – and have few complaints. I may pick up the one you linked (mine’s a cheaper version) because it looks more comfy (the one I have is smaller and tends to pinch my earlobe against my glasses after a while).

It really is great.

Because I FC in EVE I often end up wearing a headset for many hours in a row. I’ve tried several different types of headsets in the past, and all of them end up hurting my ears/head after a couple of hours. I’ve ended up with significant headaches on more than one occasion.

The set I have now, though, it totally and completely comfortable. Longest I’ve gone with it at one run so far is four hours, but it was perfect. I highly recommend it, especially if you don’t want to bother with USB.

Get good headphones and a lavalier mic.