Gaming Keyboard Ergonomics

So it seems like literally every gaming-oriented keyboard (Microsoft Sidewinder, Logitech G15, etc) that I see is a standard-layout straight-key-rows keyboard.

I get pretty bad pains when I try to use one of those for extended periods of time.

Does anyone know of any brands of gamer-focused keyboards (nice features would be generous amounts of programmable macro buttons, perhaps an on-keyboard LCD with a nice API like the G15, backlighting) that have an ergonomic/curved version?

I use a standard MSFT ergo 4000 keyboard, but do most of my gaming on a Belkin N52TE “speedpad” - it comes with software that allows you to remap keys, program macros and create profiles for certain games. It’s pretty flexible - 16 buttons, a mouse wheel and a d-pad. You didn’t mention what kind of gaming you do, but it’s proven flexible enough for me to use in FPS games, third-person RPG type games, and in WoW. It’s got a contoured wrist rest, and is quite comfortable to use for extended periods.

There’s a new model that’s branded by Razer with new software, but is pretty much the same thing as I have.

There is also a Logitech equivalent that I’ve heard is very good, with 25 keys and an LCD display.

I used to use one of those before I got a MSFT Natural Multimedia. I’ll look into your suggestions–I’ve seen those things around, but been skeptical.

Zeriel, what kind of games do you play?

You name it. Typically MMOs and RTSes with any seriousness, though. World of Warcraft, EVE Online, Supreme Commander, and Company of Heroes absorb most of my gaming hours.

You may want to check out the Logitech G13 then, instead of the N52TE. I play WoW very casually - not a lot of PvP or raiding - and the N52TE has just enough keys for me. You can create different keymaps and switch to them on the fly, increasing your available actions, but this might not be suitable for the rapid-fire gameplay of a 25-man. The G13 has a full 25 keys, and the nifty LCD screen too. My brother in law has it and it suits his needs perfefctly in WoW, and other RPG and RTS titles.

When I don’t have an infant around, I’m definitely a 25HM kind of guy in WoW so I’ll look into the G13. I already have a G9X mouse that I’m excessively impressed with.

This is what I use. The keyboard is a little cramped, but the pad on the left makes a huge difference. Just being able to whackakey the numbers with one hand is brilliant.

Sadly, my wrists start hurting just LOOKING at a straight-across keyboard.