Garage door opener doesn't

I have a moore-matic xx133 garage door opener. While I realize that it may simply have broken today, the fact that there was horrible lightening and thunder last night and again today leads me to think it may be something simpler. I could not find a ground fault reset in the garage, and the opener seems to be getting power based on the antenna light. It does not go up with either the remote switch or the button in the garage. I assume that there are fuses in this thing, where might I find them, and what else might be wrong that I have not thought of as yet.

a fuse would likely be on the opener unit near where the electrical cord enters it.

I wouldn’t expect to find any fuses, sometimes devices like that have thermal overloads but it’s just a little piece of metal that bends with heat. They reset themselves.

Moore-matic has been out of business for many years and finding parts that work with them is near impossible. Feel free to play around with it but in the long run you’re going to need a new opener anyway, probably not worth your time messing with it.

Are you able to open the door manually (i.e., it’s not a broken spring?)

When my garage door refused to close it took me a long time to discover that the sensor had become misaligned. That is: the little light on the right side of the door was not shining into the sensor on the left side of the door. The door would not close because something was “blocking” the light.

The lightening may have fried your control board. I don’t know if there are generic ones available. It would be worth pulling the cover and seeing if there is a fuse on the control board.

Well, it magically started working again. I think that there may be a loose wire where the push button opening device is in the garage. If it happens again (I do not like trying to fix something that is currently working) I will look at the wires there.

Sounds like your garage door opener is made by the same company that makes my wife’s hair dryers.