Garage sale painting could be worth $

My mom and her arsty friends buy 99 % of their frames at garage sales. All of the time the frames are a part of atrocious garage sale art. The canvases are always painted over with their own art work.

Not this one.

A lovely frame surrounds a dark, moody, well done stormy sea landscape in oils. ( no picture available, sorry.) It is truly a well done picture.

On the bottom is a signature of Walter Foster, who is well known in the art community for his how-to draw art books. Several websights are devoted to his how to books.

I cannot find anything of his particular art work, though.

Does any one have any ideas of how I can get more info or appraisal on it?

My first thought is to check with the art auction records. If you have a good-sized museum or university art library nearby, you can go there and ask to see what they have – these used to be published in books but may now be available through an online service that the museum/library subscribes to. Failing that, there are to-the-public services such as and that also have auction records, but you’ll have to pay for those yourself.

Try put his name in & search. Is it anything like this one?:


To add to Earthling’s comment, yeah, there’s an electronic database of auction/sale records called SCIPIO, although I’ve never used it and don’t know whether it only covers high profile auction houses like Christies/ Sothebies. Your local university art library should have access to it.

Thanks! Every little bit helps. If we end up on “Antiques Roadshow” I wave a hello for you!

The thing is, there is more than one artist with that name.