Art experts advise needed

I need to know where I can go around Ocean County/Monmouth County NJ to find out information on some paitinings and lithographs my mother wants me to sell on E-bay. I can’t make out the signatures. i did put the pics online if you want to try to decypher the signatures
Bird on a tree (no idea what kind of bird or tree)

Bird (Parrot?) on a branch lithograph

English Bobbies Pen and Ink Lithograph

Venice Scene

Thanks for any help or leads

Art doesn’t do so hot on ebay sometimes, isn’t there a local auction place you could use? They usually give free estimates too. (mine does). I use too you can just look up artists for free but have to pay to get the bio info.

Handy, no local art auctions that I am aware of. If I could read the signatures I would look them on

Yeah, they are tricky to read, is there anything on the back? I take the paper on the back of the frame out so I can see. It’s okay, a lot of dealers do that.

I checked, nothing on the back. I did find out that one of them is an artist’s prrof lithograph by Pascal Cucaro.

You might try a frame shop.
Most of them have several catalogs of prints that are in circulation, and may be able to recognize a particular artist from the style.

Well Manny, I can tell you what kind of bird is in the first one. It’s a towhee. After his name and the year, the artist wrote the title of the drawing (“Towhee”).

Oh, and the third one says “artists proof.” No idea on the artist’s signature, though.

Glassy thanks, I just need to figure out who the artist in #1 is. I found out the Artist Proof one is by Pascal Cucaro and I need to find out who did the Venice paintings