I dunno. I think that the term Garfunkeling should be as follows:

garfunkel tr.v. 1. To abandon a (less talented or popular) partner or associates in order to pursue a more lucrative career, wherein the less talented partner ends up more successful.

Daryl Hall garfunkeled John Oates (But then didn’t he recently refunkel him…?)

Paul Stanley and Gene Simmons garfunkled Peter Criss and Ace Frehley. Then Vinnie Vincent, then Mark St. John.

Then they garfunkled Bruce Kulick and Eric Singer and refunkled Ace and Peter.

That is once funkled up band.

What, you didn’t like my suggestion above for “fargunkeled”? Also, see my example of Judas and Jesus for “outfunkeling”.

I think Lenny garfunkeled Squiggy.

Chefguy, the way I see it, Judas garfunkeled the other Apostles, then Jesus outfunkeled Judas.

Imagine the phonetic possibilties if there was a garfunkel involved in the relationship between Funk and Wagnall.

Not quite. Gloria Estefan was the lead singer for Miami Sound Machine, a group that her husband Emilio Estefan had started as the Miami Latin Boys. Although they’d had a number of minor hits in Latin America their big cross over hit was the Primitive Love album, which included the song Conga. At that point Emilio noticing a marketing opportunity, decided to rename the group as Gloria Estefan and the Miami Sound Machine, which was shortly changed to drop the name of the band. The actual band however remained. So if anything, only the name got garfunkled.

I don’t think Judas caused Jesus to commit career suicide.

I would think that Diana Ross garfunkeled the Supremes. In stages, of course.

It could be argued that NYPD Blue was ultimately outfunkled with the leaving of David Caruso; a “clusterfunkel”, if you will. Wings was also clusterfunkeled by Paul McCartney.

Russ Kunkel is sure to have clusterfunkeled whatever band he was with before pursuing his awesome session drumming career.

I hate the fact that the only example that I can think of right now is that Ricky Martin garfunkeled Menudo. Gosh does that ever make me look like a fool!:smack:
But, dang it, if that’s the only way to get in the game–then count me a fool!:smiley:

No, it just means you play to close atintion to Ricky Martian. ANd if you aren’t a 12 year old girl stuck in and 1999 time warp, that’s just not cool.

How about Danny Elfman /Oingo Boingo ?

I presume Bill and Hillary are taking turns at Garfunkling? Still watching this space…

Seems to be the Saturday Night Live cast is famous for garfunkeling. Eddie Murphy garfunkelled them in the 80’s and Will Ferrell has garfunkelled them recently.

John Travolta garfunkelled the sweathogs.

Geez, am I that old??? :eek:

Roseanne garfunkeled Tom What’s-his-name. She did it so well, I can’t remember his last name. Totalgarfunkeling! Quick, notify the OED.

[Connery] I garfunkeled your mother, Trebek! [/Connery]

Yep, SNL already beat you to it.

Hmmm… Good word! Though wouldn’t it be more appropriate to say somebody had been “Garfunked-over”. As in : “Man Will Smith sure did Garfunk-over poor Jazzy Jeff – oh, and while we’re at it could you super size it Jazzy Jeff?”.

He’s been gradually garfunkeling himself too - pigment, nose, reputation, soul, talent - all 'funkeled to buggery.


Jim Dougherty was obviously garfunkeled by Norma Jean and/or “the Hollywood moguls” who “threatened her, and beguiled her into leaving” the man she married before she became Marilyn Monroe.