I am trying to get this word into general use.

garfunkel tr.v. 1. To abandon a (less talented or popular) partner or associates in order to pursue a more lucrative career.

Based loosely on the relationship of Paul Simon and Art Garfunkel, the verb would apply, e.g., to the garfunkeling of the other guy in Wham! by George Michael or the way that Tom Hanks garfunkeled whatshisname from Bosom Buddies.

Maybe it would eventually be shortened to funkeled or even funked. As in “Hey, that blonde guy from 'Bill and Ted’s excellent adventure really got funked by Keanu Reeves, didn’t he?”

I think it has a practical potential. Does anybody else know a good example of “garfunkeling”?

Only two that I can think of right off:

Mark Goodson/Bill Toddman (game shows)

Notice how the person who gets second billing tends to be the one who is “garfunkeled?”

Oh, and welcome to the SDMB! (I realize I may be a little late on this.)

I guess you could say that Cheech garfunkeled Chong, although much of Tommy’s demise was of his own making.

The entire Rat Pack garfunkeled Peter Lawford.

Too late!. Paul Simon beat you too it in “A Simple Desultory Phillipic”.

Oh crap! I can not believe I misspelled “to”. By the way, see the last verse of the song for the “Garfunkled” reference.

Don’t go hanging Scolari’s career on Tom Hanks, now. Scolari did show up again on Bob Newhart’s show, for a while.

Besides, they weren’t exactly a team on Bosom Buddies - more like co-workers. Tom’s not responsbile for Peter’s career after the gig was over (notice how I’m on a first-name basis with both of them? Yeah, we’re tight. Real tight).

Sting garfunkled those other 2 guys in “The Police”. Janis Joplin garfunkled “Big Brother”. Hey, this is kinda fun! :smiley:

*Baddest garfunkle of all time!

The garfunkle of Pete Best.

Yeah, this has some serious potential!

She told me she loved me like a brother. She was from Arkansas, hence the Joy!

*Gatopescado, you code like an asshole! Paris Hilton could probably code better than you, and look better doing it!

I slay myself! :wink:

Just when you think you know it all, something comes along smarter than yourself.

I think we can say that Tina garfunkeled Ike.

So did Paris Hilton garfunkel her sister, or is her sis better off without the resulting infamy?

Jerry Lewis garfunkeled Dean Martin, then had it backfire. Would that be a “funkelgarf” or a “fargunkel”?

Michael pretty much garfunkeled the Jackson Four.

It seems to me Cher garfunkeled Sonny.

Paul Weller Garfunkled Bruce Foxton and Rick Buckler, but managed to Garfunkel himself in the process, sort of.

Gloria Estefan Garfunkled the Miami Sound Machine…

The Gin Blossoms Garfunkled the guy who wrote their hits.

Jeez, it’s a regular sidekick scuttling extravaganza!

Mr. Torie mentioned the garfunkeling of DJ Jazzy Jeff by Will Smith.

Justin Timberlake Garfunkled N’Sync

Mike Myers garfunkled Dana Carvey

Kermit Garfunkled the Muppets :slight_smile:

Didn’t the guy who wrote their hits kill himself shortly before that album came out???

Ok he was evidently garfunkled before he killed himself…

Unfortunately, Doug’s tale doesn’t have the same storybook ending. The split with the GBs was very public and very painful, and drew a lot of attention back in Arizona. Doug, Lawrence Zubia and Mark Zubia started another band, The Chimeras, but Doug was still fighting his alcoholism and depression. In December of 1993, he committed suicide. His death was mourned deeply in the Tempe music community, where he was well-known and well-respected.

Here’s the link…

Would it be tacky to say that Roy Horn (sp?) was garfunkeled by his own tiger?

Judas garfunkeled Jesus. What a great bumper sticker.

If there is a reunion, would the originally garfunkeled party be “unfunkeled”? Or defunkeled?

What if a garfunkeled person turns their career around and becomes an even greater star than the garfunkeler? Has there ever been a case of “outfunkeling”?