Garlic molecules and tupperware

My neibor gave me a sealed tupperware container full of some kind of cheesy chickeny something or another that proceeded to stink up the whole refridgerator with the smell of garlic.

Any ideas on how small a molecule would have to be to pass through plastic? Are garlic molecules a miracle of physics? Is there a super accurate Garlic Clock somewhere calibrated by the decay of a garlic molecule? And why does she keep bringing me stuff when I never return her tupperware?


Maybe she’s trying to get rid of excess Tupperware. My husband has alarming amounts of Tupperware, from when he was younger and his mom would always send him home with leftovers. We must have 50 containers in various sizes, which we don’t have room for. I keep trying to give it away, but there’s always more!

Are you sure you don’t live next door to my mother-in-law?

The Cat In The Hat

Definite possibility, Cat.

  1. The odor definitely did not pass through the plastic. Your container is/was not completely sealed.

  2. What’s wrong with the smell of garlic? :wink:

I’ve got no problem with the smell of garlic, Aura.

Just not from my peach cobbler.

Geez, Inky, don’t ever go to the Garlic Festival in Gilroy, California! I recall garlic peach cobbler there right next to the garlic ice cream and across from the garlic wine stands… :wink:

Oy, As a young Inkling I lived in Morgan Hill and was bussed through Gilroy, I can still remember the stench of the garlic and the smell of that mushroom farm (what was that smell? Some kind of compost?"

Ahhhhhhhh the wafting smell of mushroom compost…

GREAT stuff for growing things with, btw!

But I prefer the smell of Garlic :slight_smile: