garlic pills = explosive farts?

I was wondering through the vitamin aisle last week and saw some of those garlic pills and they were pretty cheap so I bought a bottle. I’ve heard good things. So I’ve been taking 1 or 2 a day and I, along with everyone else in the room at the time, noticed that my farts had taken on a new, more potent aroma the likes I have never smelled. Is it possible that this is caused by those pills? I read the bottle and it says that they are absorbed in your small intestine, is that where your flatulence comes from?

I can’t speak for garlic pills, but after a visit to one of my favorite restaurants, my girlfriend and I will have an unpleasant evening of some truly heinous flatulence.

TMI? Maybe.

Slightly related- it has been noted that garlic pills often give their imbibers a particularly nasty body odor.