Whats the deal with this garth Brooks/Chris Gaines thing? Please tell me so I can relay to my wife who is driving me nuts with her incessant caterwalling.

I feel more like I do now than I did when I got here.

There’s going to be a movie coming out next year about the life of (fictional) Chris Gaines. Garth Brooks is going to be the actor playing Chris Gaines. This new CD is supposed to get you familiar with the character before the movie comes out. (At least that’s what I heard - I saw Garth on Leno and Conan talking about it.)

White Wolf

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If you’re interested, this was recently covered in Kellibelli’s thread:

White Wolf sez…

That technique worked pretty well with the Blair Witch Project. After watching the discovery(?) special, my wife was convinced it was real. Sheesh. Some people.