gas fireplace question

My gas fireplace lights up fine but once it gets to temperature (about 15 minutes) it starts to sputter. It goes out then lights up again in quick succession. I know it is not the thermostat because I just got a new one and the same thing is happening.
Any ideas before I spend money on this problem?

First, call your gas company and tell them. They’re responsible for the line from the street to the meter. The regulator (?) might have a problem and needs repair. Do you have other gas appliances? Any problems with them?

And do so quickly! When it goes out, it could be spewing gas out into the room – dangerous!

That it re-lights may mitigate this, or indicate a different problem, but it’s not something to ignore. When you tell the gas company about this, they will probably send someone very quickly.

When I’ve had gas appliances (stove, ventless heater) do similar things, the thermopile/thermocouple was bad/dirty. I’m not a plumber, but it was an easy thing to fix.

I think you should “spend some money” before you are either poisoned or the gas pools, ignites, and you blow up your living room!

In other words, “Danger, Will Robinson!” :eek:

My living room has not blown up yet!!
There are several switch that prevent such a thing from happening.
I have narrowed that problem down to the spill switch.

How common is it for these to become faulty?
Is there anyway to test them with a multimeter?

Don’t worry. I’m checking the chimney with a boroscope for blockages.

I’m thinking it may be the thermocouple that turns the gas off when there it can no longer complete a circuit (it’s more complicated than that). But if you don’t know, this is something to call the pros for.

The windows go 1st (Biggest ones) If they are set too well the roof will lift and or the walls will bulge! OR the whole house will be leveled! Never just the living room.