Gas (petrol) price hikes outside USA

In case not everyone knows … Google is great for unit and currency conversions.

e.g, type
1.039 gbp per litre in usd per us gallon
and you get
1.03900 (British pounds per litre) = 7.77877214 U.S. dollars per US gallon

I drive a Frod Focus wagon with 53K miles on it and it gets only 24 pg at best. The last tankful yesterday calculated to only 20 mpg. Maybe I need a gascap lock.

There are no sidewalks on my route to work, only turf shoulders flush with and right next to the 22-foot-wide roadway that has lots of big trucks at 50+ mph. It comes up thunderstorms often here just when I’m about to get off work and we work flex time and I leave a 1/2 hour after most cow-orkers leave and a 1/2 hour before the four 10-hour-per-week orkers.

I also like to take only 2 minutes to drive rather than awake earlier to take 25 or more minutes to walk (or less to run and there is no shower capability at work). I also go either to home or to one of 5 area restaurants for my 30-minute lunch break and to my post office box. I know, excuses, excuses. I really could use the exercise. Maybe I’ll try it and brownbag the lunch or stock up on heat & serve myself luch at work.

Singapore here, 5.58 U.S. dollars per US gallon

Australia, using the Google formula above:

1.50 (Australian dollars per litre) = 5.44247579 U.S. dollars per US gallon

This is up dramatically since January, when I was still finding it at 1.20 - 1.30 per litre.


One of the worst petrol price increases was in Turkmenistan in February. The government hiked the price of petrol 800%. How do you budget for that?

Petrol now costs about USD 0.16/l in Turkmenistan.

Yeah, that extra 14 cents will get ya… :rolleyes:

Panama’s a bit above US, but not that much. It’s about $4.15/gallon for regular right now.

So now that we are getting the US on par with everyone else in terms of the cost of fuel, let’s make the driving distance from one side of the country to the other the same across for every country, ok?

And let’s get the public transportation systems that are available in Europe. (Oh how I wish the US rail system was comparable to that of Germany and others.) I lived in Germany for 3.5 years, and I really miss the quality public transportation, even in smaller cities.

But yes, the big difference is that things are a LOT further apart here.

They haven’t invested crap in our public transportation grid! What are you talking about?! They’ve extended the subway a few kilometers, true; but compare that to what they’ve done in Madrid over the past decade . Toronto is a parking lot at the best of times and there is no long term public transportation infrastructure plan to deal with it. There are no plans to extend any subway lines to the airport, nor any plans to extend commuter rail service to nearby cities. It is deplorable. (Oh, and outside of the 8:00-10:00 and 16:00-18:00 windows, the subways are pretty much empty around here.)

I have no idea what you are talking about, the only billions which have been invested is in the highways; to expand them at a record price tag. Nice investment in public transportation.

You’re right of course, which is why I brought up the example of the GTA (despite the initial investments) being such a horrible, horrible example of why regional mass transit doesn’t work. But like in NYC, once you’re downtown and don’t plan on going anywhere else, you can get around easily. The problem with the USA (and Canada) is that we’re not all high-density city dwellers; we’re regional area dwellers. Population density of NYC: 26403. Toronto: 17449. GTA: 6857. It’s one thing to serve dense populations, but quite another to serve disperse populations.

I don’t know about the rest of Europe, but unless you’re travelling within a major metropolitan area (or between two such), public transportation in the U.K. is a PITA.

Trust me, its better than in the states (I’ve done both).

Quite a few streets, too.

In Spain it’s been rising; sometimes it does go down. It’s one of My Brother The Accountant’s favourite gripes: “ok, if the price for the barrel rises by 10% in USD, but the USD goes down by 15% with respect to the EUR in the same period, therefore the barrel is actually cheaper in EUR, how come the petrol companies are still using the increase in barrel prices to raise gas prices, eh?” Rinse and repeat with a longer explanation and varying %s for the last year or so…

cough see Australia post above cough

Although, must say in capitol cities, public transport is really good. It’s out bush that’s the problem.


Short trips are horrible for your mpg. Cars run most efficently after they are warmed up.

Checking in with the Icelandic vote: 8,39 USD/gallon.

And we ain´t got no public transportation - but not a lot of distance either if you live in the greater Reykjavik area.