Gas stoves not vented?

My gas furnace and gas water heater are both vented to the outside; each has an exhaust pipe and hood, with careful instructions on proper setup. However, if my gas stove has a vent, I can’t see it. Are gas stoves not vented? And if not, doesn’t that mean that you could die of carbon monoxide poisoning if you kept the burners going long enough?

Gas stove just doesn’t create enough combustion. Oxygen depletion and added water vapor are by-products, but I don’t believe the flames are big enough to really affect the air quality.

Gas stoves are not vented to the outside. Gas stoves do produce the usual combustion byproducts and can set off a carbon monoxide detector when they are used.

Well, the vent of a gas cooking stove is the hood over it which ideally should vent to the outside. The need for venting gases outside is less because the rate at which it burns gass is less, but it is still a good ide to vent to the outside.

Many models do not vent to the outside. They filter partials out of the air is all.

Gas ranges can become very dangerous if the flames are not set right. Or what happens in many situations with gas appliances in a summer of winter home is spiders and other critters can plug the Venturi more to the point, the Inspirator, Or rust from non-use can also cause the inspiration of the stove burner to preform poorly causing the fuel to burn rich producing dangerous levels of carbon monoxide.
Little itsy bitsy spider webs are the most common I run into;)