Gatorade AM Commercial

OK, theres an ad that plays for Gatorade AM that features a milkman delivering Gatorade AM to different people, like Peyton Manning, and Mia Hamm? Anyway, My wife is convinced that the Milk Man is a pro athlete, or at least a celebrity.

does anyone recognize the milkman in that ad?

The idea of an ‘A.M.’ Gatorade is the most hilariously revolting thing in the world. Why do people always need SWEET SWEET SWEET?

I am not a fan of sweet stuff. But I have never thought of Gatorade as particularly sweet. It kind of tastes vaguely salty to me, actually.


The Milk Man is Kevin Garnett of the Minnesota Timberwolves.

Here’s a link saying so. I think they used a stand in for some of the shots, which might throw you off a bit.

Brawndo’s got electrolytes.

Gee, thanks treis… now my wife gets to do the happy dance and say “I told you so, I told you so”.

Original lemon-lime Gatorade wasn’t all that sweet and was very salty. I think once the Coke company bought the name and started making it with high fructose corn syrup in multiple flavors it started tasting like Kool-Aid.

I wonder if you can even get the original formula anymore (jumbo packets of powder to be mixed in giant coolers)?

I like the original Gatorade but I didn’t know anybody in that AM commercial was famous. When I say I don’t know sports I mean it.

You guys remember that commercial where a bunch of people were saying “I am Emmit Smith”? For Visa, I think. I thought it was about identity theft and how easy it is to steal from a guy named Smith. It was years later I found out that guy was a football player. Some folks raise an eyebrow when I admit this, but hey, at least I can name my governor and senators. I even know who my mayor is.

snerk :smiley:

My mind is boggling at this Gatorade AM. So it’s…Gatorade. With an AM on it. In flavors that “appeal to you in the morning.”

So…it’s Gatorade.

With an AM on it.

…right. :confused:

I think they added caffine or more caffine than it normally has or something like that.

I know that you can still get the big packets for coolers because we had them for football practices when I was in junior high in the late nineties. I can’t speak for the version of the formula, though. It wasn’t bad, considering we used hose water a lot of the time.

No, no added caffeine. Just with flavors that “appeal to you in the morning”, which is apparently orange-strawberry and tropical-mango.

I looked at the bottles at the store the other day… no mention of caffiene on the labels.

Just Gatorade… with an A.M. on it.

For all that vigorous athletic activity while you sleep? Lost too many electrolytes drooling on your pillow, didja?

Please. There’s got to be some sort of limit on artificially creating demand, right? Right?

It’s not a new idea. Dr. Pepper came up with their 10:00, 2:00, and 4:00 campaign in the 1030’s, I think.

BTW, does anyone else get a vaguely racist tinge from the Gatorade commercial? They sort of have him dressed up like Rastus, the Cream of Wheat chef.

Yea, and prithee. Do tryest our sugared meade in thee morning afore thee goest and harvesteth thine field

It would still be Old English then. More like “Heald (th)u nu, hruse” sort of thing.

…he’s dressed as a milk man.